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We all know the basic hamster facts! They are cute, fluffy and full of love! However there are still many facts about Hamsters that people don’t know! This article will give you ten fun hamster facts that are sure to make you want cuddle one even closer!

Wild Hamsters can be found all over the world!

Wild hamsters were only bred as pets after 1939 and this means that wild hamsters have existed for a long time! Syrian hamsters are found in the Middle East, whilst the European Hamster is found across Central Europe and Asia! Take a look at one in action!

Their cheek poaches can make them triple in size!

When someone thinks of a hamster, the first thing that must come to mind is their amazing cheek poaches! These cheek poaches can be filled with so much food that their heads can grow to triple their original size.

They are smarter than we think!

Hamsters don’t have the reputation for being the smartest of creatures. However hamsters can often learn their own name and can even be trained to come to you if you call their name! Watch your hamsters ears perk up when you rustle their food bag!

They come in all shapes and sizes!

Hamster species can vary massively when it comes to their shapes and sizes! Syrian hamsters can grow up to 18 centimetres long whilst the Roborovski Hamster averages around 5 centimetres!

Hamster pouches are meant for more than food!

Hamster pouches carry all kinds of things! Hamsters can use these pouches to store bedding and food but they can also be used to store air whilst swimming! Hamster mothers have even been known to carry their children in them to protect them from danger

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Hamsters run like crazy!

Hamsters need a lot of exercise! They can run up to around 9.6km per hour which comes in use in the wild as they collect food to burrow in their stores. Make sure you have a good wheel so they can run to their hearts desire!

Hamsters can vocalise so many feelings!

Hamsters can show their happiness by creating a clicking sound by rubbing their teeth together! They can also show their negative feelings by squeaking and sometimes even screaming. Pay attention to the sounds that your hamster make!

They have terrible eyesight!

Hamsters rely heavily on their whiskers and their smell to get themselves around! They often even use their bellies to leave a scent trail as they move so that they can retrace their steps

Their teeth never stop growing!

Hamsters have 16 teeth that are continuously growing! They need to constantly chew on objects in order to file them down to size, make sure you have a selection of chew toys to keep those teeth short!

Hamster burrows are complicated!

Hamster burrows have different rooms meant for different purposes! They have different sections for nesting and food storage and these burrows can go down as far as 0.7 metres!

We hope you enjoyed these hamster facts! Do you have any interesting facts that we missed? Share them below in the comment section!