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Hi, I am Euan and welcome to my blog! This blog aims to help you figure out how to care for your hamster and how to make them as happy as possible.
I have had two hamsters so far. One was called Bashar, who died in 2017 and my current hamster is called Richard! I have grown so much when it comes to hamster knowledge over the years and I hope to share a lot of that information with you.

I realised that a lot of sites didn’t provide you with good information about your hamster. This is information that I didn’t know when I started off. I thought that hamster balls were fine for Bashar and that I could feed her LOTS of sugary treats when that simply isn’t true! I feel that a lot of hamster sites don’t help you with that information.

Most hamster sites have some form of affiliate link as well. This means that they are bias in offering products. I won’t have that. This site will be a simple adsense site which means that I can offer you the best unbias information on the internet!

My other hobbies include reading and travelling.

I hope you enjoy the site!