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Hamsters are lovely animals and we love them so much! We obviously need a hamster cage for our hamster, it is vital to ensure that they have somewhere to live! These cages must be as good as possible for our hamster, as it may be the only place that they live during their entire life. You also need to ensure that your hamster cannot escape from the cage and that they can burrow. You need to look at a lot of factors before making your decision. We recommend the Alaska Hamster Cage, and we will tell you why in this article!

In this article, we will be telling you all about the Alaska Hamster Cage and if you should buy it. We will look at the advantages, disadvantages, and all the other factors that can be looked at! Enjoy!

Alaska Hamster Cage Details

When it comes to cages, you need to look at their exact dimensions. This is to let you know the size of the cage, and what items come with the cage. The Alaska cage is extremely large, and the measurements are:

  • W: 84cm/33″
  • L: 48.5cm/19″
  • D: 44cm/17″
  • Weight: 6.3kg

This cage just meets the minimum recommendation size that your hamster should be. Hamsters need space, as it helps them replicate their natural environment. A smaller cage can result in your hamster being stressed, anxious and often prone to sickness. This means that you need to get as big a cage as possible!

The cage does not come with a large number of additional items. One of the positives of this is that you can customize the cage to your heart’s content! You can choose the wheel, tubes, and all kinds of other treats for your hamster. We fully recommend this cage!

What a great cage
What a great cage

What type of Hamster is the Alaska cage suitable for?

Different hamsters are suitable for different cages. This is due to the size, the size of the gaps between the bars, and the height of the platforms! Your hamster has its own special needs depending on its breed. You also need to make sure that the cage has enough room for your cage to burrow and move around in. Read below to find your hamster’s breed, and if this cage is suitable for them!

Is the Alaska cage suitable for Syrian Hamsters?

Yes! This cage is completely suitable for your Syrian hamster. It is the correct size, and it is impossible for them to escape through the bars. Furthermore, the cage has a very deep base, which means that your Syrian hamster should be able to burrow and make a den if you put the correct amount of bedding in. We recommend this cage 100%!

Is the Alaska cage suitable for Robo Hamsters?

We completely recommend this for your robo hamster! The size is perfect, and the height of the platforms are not tall enough for your hamster to be hurt if they fall. Your hamster shouldn’t be able to squeeze through the bars either. This cage is great for your hamster, and we fully recommend it!

Is the Alaska cage suitable for Dwarf Hamsters?

Absolutely! We can recommend this cage for dwarf hamsters. It is way bigger than the recommended size for them, and the platforms aren’t too tall for your hamster. This is one of the best cages for your dwarf hamster, and we recommend it completely for them!

Alaska Hamster Cage
What a great example of how to use the cage!

Special Features of the Alaska cage.

There’s three main features of this cage that you can take advantage of. It is extremely big, gives you easy access to your hamster, and has a second floor which gives you lots of space to add some cool objects for your hamster! Read below for more details.

It’s Size!

One of the most important features of a hamster cage is the size! We have gone over this already but it is extremely important that your hamster has the biggest cage possible to live in. They become less stressed, and are likely to have a happier life because of it! You can also look at the depth of the hamster cage, as it is huge and allows your hamster to burrow to their heart’s consent! The second floor in the cage allows for more space for your hamster.

The Platform!

The second floor on the hamster cage is fantastic. It allows your hamster to have lots more space and allows you to put more stuff into your hamster cage. You can use the second floor to add a wheel, add treats, add chew toys, and add some hideouts for your furry friend. The possibilities are endless! This second platform is fantastic and is another reason why we recommend it.

Easy Access to your Hamster!

There are two access ports into this cage, this makes it very easy for you to access your hamster when you need to get to them. This is further helped by the fact that the cage is a simple shape, which means that there are no awkward areas that you don’t have any access to. This can be a problem with many cages, where there are significant gaps that you cannot access. Furthermore, this makes it a lot easier for you to spot clean your hamster’s cage. Overall, this is a fantastic cage.

Alaska cage setup.
Another great way to design the cage!

Advantages of the Alaska Cage.

In this Alaska Cage review, we have detailed the key specifications of the cage as well as the specific features that make it special. However, what are the key advantages that make it a great buy? We will now look at the best parts of this cage such as: its size, simplicity, and the price! Enjoy.

It’s huge size!

This cage is a fantastic size for any breed of hamster. Many hamster cages are too small, and your hamster will not be able to feel comfortable inside it. This can lead to problems in the future, such as a stressed hamster with a low life expectancy. A stressed hamster is also less likely to be friendly. This cage fits the minimum requirements, and it is compact enough to fit into most spaces. The depth of the cage means that your hamster can burrow to its heart’s content. This is the key reason why we recommend this cage!

It’s simplicity!

This cage is very easy to put together! There are no complicated parts, it is really just a tub with wiring around it. This means that it is extremely simple to construct, and this means that you can get it set up and get your hamster in faster! The hardest part will be the platform, but many hamster cages have multiple platforms, as well as tubes and complicated parts. This issue does not exist with the Alaska cage.

It’s very cheap!

When you look at what you are getting, this cage is very cheap! Many cages that are its exact price, or more expensive, don’t contain the things that your hamster needs, or are too small for your hamster! This means that this cage is perfect for someone on a cheap budget.

The deep base!

As stated before, the deep base on this cage is extremely useful for your furry friend. A deep base means that your hamster can burrow, and even build a small nest in the cage. Many cages don’t have this deep base, which means that they cannot replicate their natural environment. This, in turn, can lead to additional stress as well as an unhealthy life for your hamster. We recommend this cage, due to the deep base!

The large doors!

The large doors on the Alaska cage are really beneficial for you and your hamster. These doors mean that it is really easy to access your hamster, you can cover the entire cage with your hands! It also means that we can clean the cage with ease, it is easy to spot-clean the cage as you can reach everywhere in it! Make sure to give them their own space though, you shouldn’t suddenly pick them up or wake them up as it can scare your hamster.

This person added an extra platform to their alaska cage!
This person added an extra platform to their Alaska cage!

Disadvantages of the Alaska Cage.

Whilst there are so many advantages to this cage, and we fully recommend it, there are obviously some disadvantages as well. No cage is perfect! We have scanned the user reviews, as well as the hamster community, to find the key problems with the cage.

It doesn’t come with any accessories.

One of the problems with this cage is that, unlike the hamster heaven cage, no accessories come with the cage. Not even a water bottle. This means that you will have to get all of the accessories yourself. This can be a positive, as you can customise the cage entirely to your needs, but you need to make sure that you get the required items before the cage comes!

The platform can be flimsy.

One review states that the platform can sometimes be flimsy. This is an isolated incident, and the cage even works fine without the platform! However, it is something that you should be aware of.

How to clean the Alaska Cage.

This cage is very easy to clean! This is one of the advantages of buying this cage. You just need to put your hamster into a place where they are safe, remove the two latches on the cage top, and then just lift it up! You can then quickly remove the toys, and pour the soiled bedding into the bin. This cage is extremely easy to clean. Remember to clean other parts of the setup as well, such as the tubes. Hamster often pee in the tubes so you need to ensure that it they clean.

Another great example!
Another great example!

Is the Alaska cage well-liked?

In the hamster community, this cage is very well-known for being excellent for your furry friend! It is seen as being a fantastic cage in terms of its size. If you join any hamster group and ask about this cage, it will be seen as a fantastic purchase for your hamster. The hamster community is a great point of reference for hamster knowledge, if lots of people recommend an item then it must be great for your pet!

I can personally recommend this cage as well! It is a top purchase for your pet

Where to buy the Alaska Cage?

The great thing about this cage is that you can find it on Amazon! This is great as it means that it is easy to find, and can be delivered very quickly. We 100% recommend buying from Amazon! You can get other items for your hamster at the same time! Check it out on Amazon here!

What can you put in the Alaska cage?

The great thing about this cage is that it is so big, this means that you can put a lot of items into it. The floor size means that you can put lots of stuff into it, and your hamster will love you for it! We recommend that you add items such as:

  • Toys – Chew toys, as well as toys that contain treats!
  • Hideouts – These are vital for your pet, as it allows them to have a natural hiding place!
  • Hanging Objects – Your hamster will love to stretch for these treats to enjoy them!
  • Treats – You can add natural, as well as store-bought, treats for your hamster!


In conclusion, we completely recommend the Alaska cage for your hamster. We hope that we have given you an excellent assessment of the pros and cons of this cage. We have looked at the specifics of the cage, as well as the positives and negatives of the cage. It is a fantastic cage, filled with lots of space for your hamster. We recommend this cage for all breeds of hamster, your hamster is sure to love it!

Have you had any experiences with the Alaska cage? Let us know in the comments!

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