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There are so many breeds of hamsters and so much information about them! This article will be looking at panda hamsters and the basic facts of how to look after them. Panda hamsters are an especially cute type of Syrian hamster, and many people love them for their fantastic furry coats.

We will be looking the various facts related to panda hamsters, and how to look after them. Enjoy!

What do panda hamsters look like?

Panda hamsters are a type of syrian hamster, this means that they are quite big and are the largest of the domesticated hamster breeds. When it comes to a hamster’s size, syrian hamsters are usually the largest. Dwarf hamsters, such as winter whites, are the smallest.

The thing that differentiates panda hamsters from syrian hamsters is their beautiful coats! Their appearance reflects their name, they look like pandas! They usually have fur which has mixed patches of black and white. Panda hamsters usually have black fur on their head.

These panda hamsters are so much, no wonder they are so popular in our pet shops!

How big are panda hamsters?

Panda hamsters are around the same size as syrian hamsters, as they are the same breed! This means that panda hamsters are around 5-6 inches long. Although they are the largest type of hamster, they should still fit in your hand! They are tiny and cute!

How long do panda hamsters live?

Panda hamsters live the longest out of all of the breeds of hamsters, this is because they are syrians and they live the longest. You can expect your panda hamster to live around 2-3 years, but some have been known to live up to a maximum of five years. You can find a more detailed article on hamster lifespans here.

Can panda hamsters be housed together?

Unfortunately, they cannot. Panda hamsters are solitary animals and don’t like being housed with other hamsters. Housing your panda hamster with other hamsters could lead to fights, and this could even cause the death of one, or both, of your hamsters.

We highly recommend putting your panda hamster by itself. They enjoy their own company, and you are the only friend that they need!

Are panda hamsters good for kids?

Panda hamsters are probably the best starter breed for children. They are a lot easier to handle than other breeds and are much more likely to be friendly.

Panda hamsters are unlikely to panic and escape your hands, if well trained. They also live on their own, which means that they are easier to look after. Finally, panda hamsters are the largest of the hamster breeds. This means that it is harder for them to get lost.

Overall, we recommend panda hamsters for your children.

How should you look after your panda hamster?

You may have gotten a panda hamster, but how do you look after it? This is what this next section will look at. We will give you some quick tips on how to deal with your new furry friend, with links to our other articles which go in-depth on how to look after your hamster.

Cage Size

Your panda hamsters cage is one of the most important things to get right when you are dealing with their welfare. It’s their home and the place that they will be living 100% of the time. You should therefore endeavour to make it absolutely perfect for them.

In terms of the size of the cage, you need to ensure that the cage is at least 450 square inches in size. This may seem like a lot, but hamsters need a lot more space than people often think. They are wild animals in nature, and often run miles in a day. They can’t be cooped up in a tiny cage.

Having a smaller cage will result in health problems for your hamster, and they may look and act stressed. You can find out more information on your hamster’s cage size here.

As well as the size of the cage, you should also remember to put in lots of cool chews and toys for them. Check out all of the things that you should have in your cage here.


Your hamster’s food is one of the most important things to look at when it comes to their wellbeing. They will be eating this every day so you need to make sure that it is perfect for their individual needs. There are two forms of hamster food.


Hamster pellets are an extremely common form of staple hamster food, and you can buy it at any pet store. These little pellets contain everything that your panda hamster will need. You can supplement this food with treats to ensure that your hamster is getting a variety of foods during their life.

When it comes to treats, you need to make sure that they are healthy for your hamster. The good news is that this website has been looking at hamster treats to ensure that your hamster is fed correctly. You can find our tips here.


A hamster mix is a type of food mix that contains seeds, nuts, and other food treats that your hamster will love. Just like with pellets, these contain all of the vitamins and nutrients that your hamster will need in its everyday life. Your hamster will love a hamster mix as they can pick out their favourite seeds and nuts, but you should try to ensure that they eat everything in there.

As with pellets, you can feed treats to your hamster to supplement their daily diet. You can find some good ideas here.


Unfortunately, hamsters are not immune from illness. In fact, they can be quite susceptible to illnesses that could cause serious health problems for them. Illnesses such as wet tail, respiratory disease, and even cancer, could cause problems for them.

You can protect them from illness by following some of the tips above, and ensuring that you go to the vet when you think there is something wrong with your hamster. Just like with dogs and cats, hamsters need vet care every now and then.

We have been looking at protecting your hamster’s health on this blog. You can find some of our tips here.

Ten fun panda hamster facts

So, we have looked at some of the basic tips when it comes to looking after your panda hamster. But what about some fun facts? We have to remember that owning a hamster is fun, even if it does come with some responsibilities. With that in mind, here are ten fun panda hamster facts.

  1. Their teeth grow all the way through their life!
  2. They first originated in the Middle East!
  3. The word hamster comes from the German word ‘to hoard’!
  4. Their eyesight is terrible!
  5. They are one of the most popular pets in the world!
  6. Their scientific name is ‘Cricetinae‘!
  7. They can run up to seven miles in the wild!
  8. Some zoos have hamsters in them!
  9. They are known to bite if they are scared
  10. They belong to the ‘Mammalia‘ class of animals.

Conclusion – Are panda hamsters right for you?

We hope that this article has given you some basic knowledge about your panda hamster, and how to look after them! Panda hamsters are a type of Syrian hamster, and they are friendly and cute! They are big hamsters who are the biggest in the domesticated hamster kingdom! Check out the rest of our blog for more information on how to look after your panda hamster.

Have you got a panda hamster? Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments!