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We love our furry friends, and they love us! One of the most important things to look at when it comes to your hamster is what cage you should buy. It is vital to make sure that they have somewhere decent to live as it may be the only place that they live during their time with you. You should also ensure that your hamster is able to escape from the cage and that they cannot injure themselves. You need to make sure that you are aware of all of the key factors when it comes to making your decision. We recommend the Barney Hamster Cage, and we will tell you why in this article!

In this article, we will be telling you all about the Barney Hamster Cage and if you should buy it. We will look at the advantages, disadvantages, and all the other factors that can be looked at! Enjoy!

Barney Cage Dimensions

One of the most important things to look at is the dimensions of the cage. You need to know the size of the cage, as well as the items that come with the cage. The Barney cage is very large, and the dimensions of the Barney cage are:

  • L: 97cm/38″.
  • W:52cm/20″.
  • H:43cm/16″.
  • Bar Spacing: 7mm.
  • Accessories: Wooden platform, wooden ladder, wooden den, exercise wheel.

This cage meets the recommended size that your hamster cage should be. There is a minimum size recommended as your hamster needs quite a lot of space to replicate their natural habitat. Smaller cages can result in hamsters being anxious and suffering from poor health. You should therefore get the biggest cage possible to ensure that your hamster is as happy as possible.

As you can see, this cage comes with many additional items. However, it doesn’t come with a water bottle or food bowl. You must ensure that you get this before you buy the cage.

A barney cage, without the platform!
A barney cage, without the platform! Click the photo to buy!

What type of hamster is the Barney Cage suitable for?

When it comes to the suitability of cages, you need to look at your hamster and their breed. The size of the cage, as well as the size of the gaps between the gaps, mean that it is perfect for all breeds of hamsters. You also need to ensure that your hamster has enough room in the cage for them to burrow and move around. To be clear, all breeds of hamster can live in this cage!

Is the Barney Cage suitable for Syrian Hamsters?

Absolutely. This cage can be fantastic for your Syrian hamster. It is the correct size, and they cannot escape through the bars of the cage. This can be a problem if the bars are too widely spaced out. The deep base of the cage means that your hamster should be able to burrow if you provide them with enough substrate. We absolutely recommend this cage for your Syrian Hamster!

Is the Barney Cage suitable for Robo Hamsters?

Yes, we recommend this cage for your Robo hamster. The size is fantastic for them, and the platform is just tall enough for it to be safe for your hamster if they fall. Your robo hamster also shouldn’t be able to squeeze through the bars, although we recommend that you monitor your hamster to ensure that they cannot squeeze through the bars.

Is the Barney Cage suitable for Dwarf Hamsters?

We absolutely recommend this cage for your Dwarf hamster! It is bigger than the recommended size, and the platforms aren’t too tall for your hamster. When it comes to cages, this is one of the best for your Dwarf hamster. It offers a large amount of space, and allows them to burrow as much as possible.

An empty Barney cage hamster.
An empty Barney cage hamster. Click the photo to buy!

Special features of the Barney Cage.

There are three main special features in this cage that your hamster will love! It is especially big, has a huge amount of depth which allows your hamster to burrow, and the fact that it contains a platform that your hamster will love! Read below for more details!

The size!

The key thing to look at when it comes to hamster cages is their size. It is vital that your hamster has the largest cage possible for them to live in. Your hamster will become less stressed, and they will have a happier life if their cage is large. The second floor of the cage also means that there is even more space for your hamster to enjoy!

The Depth!

The depth of your cage is something that you should really look at. The lack of depth in many hamster cages can be a serious issue as it means that they cannot dig. You just need to make sure that you add enough substrate, as this means that they will actually be able to dig and build a burrow for themselves. This will make them secure, and happy.

The Platform!

Many cages come with a second platform, and this cage is no exception. This platform allows your hamster to have more space, and allows you to have more space to add more toys and treats to amuse your furry friend! The possibilities are really endless when it comes to the Barney cage’s second platform, and this is one of the reasons why we recommend it!

What a lovely hamster!
What a lovely hamster!

Advantages of the Barney cage.

In this Barney cage review, we have made it clear what the key specifications of the cage are, as well as the specific features that make it special. We will now look at the key advantages of the cage, which should give you plenty of reasons to want to buy it! Let’s now look at some of the best parts of the cage such as the size, price, and how easy it is to clean.

It’s large!

One of the fantastic things about this cage is that it is a lot larger than other cages. Many hamster cages are not big enough for hamsters, and this can result in lots of problems for your furry friend. Tiny cages can result in stressed hamsters, who can then suffer from poor health. The floor is very large, and your hamster will also benefit from a second platform! This means that they have plenty of space to enjoy themselves.

Lots of digging place for your hamster!

Another great thing about this cage is related to the size of it. It has a large base that allows your hamster to constantly burrow, and this will make them very happy! Hamsters love to build their houses underground, as this is what happens in the wild! If hamsters don’t have a deep base, then this can be extremely problematic for them as they will not be able to replicate their natural habitat.

It’s quite cheap!

Many cages that you can buy are both expensive and unsuitable for your hamster! These cages, sold by major pet stores, can sometimes cost up to £100 for a cage that is unacceptable for your furry friend. The great thing about the barney cage is that it is quite cheap, and this means that you can spend your money on lots of cool accessories for the cage that your hamster is sure to enjoy!

It’s easy to clean!

Some cages that are sold can be really hard to clean! Some are shaped like dinosaurs, which may seem cool, but they can be extremely hard to clean! The simple shapes of the Barney cage can make it extremely easy to clean, and this means that you can clean your hamster’s cage with ease!

A great example of the Barney cage!
A great example of the Barney cage! Click the photo to buy!

Disadvantages of the Barney cage.

Whilst there are plenty of advantages to the Barney cage, as we have shown you, there’s also a few disadvantages as well. This is completely normal and shouldn’t put you off the cage. It is impossible for a hamster cage to be completely perfect, and you shouldn’t expect that! The good news is that the disadvantages are fairly minor. Read below for more details.

The wheel that comes with it is too small.

Unfortunately, the wheel that comes with this cage could be too small for your hamster. If you are buying this cage for a Syrian hamster, then the wheel is not large enough for your furry friend. This means that you need to get a replacement wheel if you are buying this fantastic cage for your Syrian Hamster. However, if you are getting this cage for a Robo or Dwarf hamster then it should be fine.

It can be hard to access the inside.

One of the problems with this cage is that it doesn’t feature a large door unlike some other cages, such as the Hamster Heaven cage and the Alaska cage! This means that it can be harder to access your hamster when you need to get to them, this is a problem that many people who have the cage have encountered. However, with a tame hamster, they are likely to come to you when you want to see them. So it shouldn’t be a huge problem!

Snow white!
Snow white!

How to clean the Barney cage.

One of the great things about this cage is that it is extremely easy to clean! There are no gaps where it is hard to clean, and this means that you can effectively clean it whilst not leaving any areas that can’t be cleaned! Just make sure to put your hamster in a safe place, such as a travel cage, and remove the latches from the cage. After you have lifted the top off, you can remove the toys and put the bedding in the bin.

Remember to clean the tubes as well. Tubes can be filled with pee and poo, and this can cause health problems for your hamster if you don’t clean it. So make sure to clean the tubes every time! Also you need to ensure that you wash the water bottle every time.

Is the Barney cage well-liked?

The Barney cage is very well-liked in the hamster community! It is seen as large enough, and something that it is perfect for your furry friend! This means that it is a cage that you should seriously consider. If the hamster community trusts it, then you should really trust it as well!

When it comes to important sources of information when thinking about your hamster, it can be vital to look at what the hamster community thinks! These are people that are experts in hamster care, and this means that you should listen to their advice! Plenty of hamster groups and people love this cage, so you should trust them!

What a cutie!
What a cutie!

What can you put in the Barney cage?

As we have already stated, one of the great things about this cage is that it is big. You can therefore add many items into it. The floor size means that you can put plenty of items into it that should please your ahmster, and you can make use of the platform as well! We recommend that you add items such as:

  • Chew toys – Your hamster can use these to wear down their teeth.
  • Hideouts – You really need some hideouts for your hamster, it means that they can replicate their natural habitat.
  • Tasty treats – Both natural and store-bought!
  • Hanging toys – Add some treats to the hanging toy and watch your hamster stretch to enjoy them!


Overall, we absolutely recommend the Barney cage for your hamster. We hope that we have given you a good assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of buying this cage. We have looked at the dimensions of the Barney cage, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of it. It is a brilliant cage and it is filled with space for your hamster. We recommend this cage for Syrian, Robo, and Dwarf hamsters! They will love it!

Have you had any experiences with the Barney cage? Let us know in the comments!

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