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Hamsters are such lovely animals, and they are so tiny! However, this means that they have quite fragile bodies and quite fragile digestive systems. This means that we have to take a lot of care when we are deciding what foods to give to our furry friends. This is especially true for treats, such as avocado! Can Hamsters Eat Avocado? Yes! But you need to make sure that they are fed in the correct amounts.

This article will answer this question in detail and will give you the exact details on how to feed avocado to your hamster. This will include how many to give to your furry friend. We will also look at other avocado products, and see if you can feed them to your pet. Enjoy!

What is Avocado?

Avocados are delicious fruits which are grown all over the world. They are put into guacamole, turned into juice, served on sandwiches, and can be juiced as well! There are so many different uses for this fruit. They can be grown indoors, and outdoors, and have recently grown in popularity in America and Europe. The seeds inside avocados are massive, and form around 50% of the overall fruit! It is a delicious berry, no wonder people ask if hamsters can eat it.

Can Hamsters Eat Avocado?

As stated before, absolutely! Avocados are delicious fruits and can be eaten by hamsters. However, you need to make sure they fell in the right amount, too much avocado can lead to serious health problems in your hamster. This is cause of the amount of fats within it. When you are preparing the avocado, you need to make sure that it is:

  • Plain – Not in any dips, such as guacamole!
  • Unsalted – Salt can be dangerous for your furry friend!
  • Unsweetened – Artificial sweeteners can do serious damage to your hamster.

If you follow these tips, it should be safe for your hamster to eat!

How to give your Hamster Avocado?

When you are giving treats, such as avocado, to your hamster, always make sure you are holding them or make sure that you are close to them. This is because giving treats to your hamster can strengthen your bond and assist in socializing them. Only give a small amount to your hamster at first, this is to figure out if they like this fruit. There’s no point giving your hamster a lot of it if they just ignore it! Your hamster might put the food in their cheek poaches though.

Make sure that you wash the avocado before cooking it! This removes any worries about pesticides or other nasties hurting your pet! You should also cook it without salt or any other additives!

Consider feeding avocado to your hamster as part of a diet including treats like pumpkin seedscabbage, and carrots! These kind of things are great for your pet, as long as you make sure that you feed them in the correct amounts.

How much Avocado should you feed your hamster?

The amount of avocado that you should feed your hamster really does depend on their breed. Syrian hamsters are the largest breed of hamster, and that means they can eat the most. However, Dwarf hamsters are the smallest type of hamster. And they can only have a tiny amount of avocado. If you give your hamster too much avocado, it can cause serious health problems. Read on to find your breed, and how much avocado you can give them!

How much Avocado should a Syrian Hamster eat?

Syrians are the largest breed of hamster. They can eat the most avocado, but you still need to be careful! Give your Syrian hamster an ear-sized piece of avocado every week. This may not seem like a lot for us, but for your hamster, it is quite a bit.

How much Avocado should a Roborovski hamster eat?

Robo Hamsters are bigger than Syrians, and this naturally means they cannot eat as much avocado. Give your Robo hamster around a paw piece of avocado every week. This should be a smaller piece than the one you give your Syrian hamster. If you give your hamster too much avocado, it can cause long term health problems.

How much Avocado should a Dwarf hamster eat?

Dwarf hamsters, including Chinese, Campbell, and Russian hamsters, are smaller than the average hamster, which means that they can’t eat a lot of the food that we humans can eat! Feed them a tiny ear piece of avocado every week! This is only a small amount, but it is enough for them.

Benefits of Avocado

Avocado is delicious, and it can be nutritious as well. If you feed it in the right amounts, then your hamster will gain plenty of benefits! Humans gain many benefits from eating avocado, and there is absolutely no reason why this would not apply for your hamster as well. Some of the many benefits from giving your hamster a small piece of avocado include:

  • Vitamin K – This is great for your hamster’s blood!
  • Vitamin C – Your hamster gains so many health benefits from Vitamin C!
  • Potassium – Great for their blood pressure.
  • Vitamin B – This gives them tons of energy for the day
  • Vitamin E – This strengthens your hamster’s eyes and skin.

Risks of Avocado

Whilst there are many benefits from Avocado, there are also some risks. These risks only come across if they are fed too much avocado. If you feed them the right amount, these should not be a problem. Read below to see the risks of over feeding avocado to your hamster:

  • Obesity – This is by far the biggest risk from overfeeding avocado to your pet. Avocado has a lot of fat in it, and this can pose a serious problem for your hamster’s health if you allow them to eat too much. Obesity can lead to other health problems, and will shorten your pet’s lifespan.
  • Choking – Make sure that the avocado is tiny, or they could choke on it.
  • Nutritional Problems – Avocado is very filling, so only feed a small amount to your pet. Anymore, and they may not eat their usual food. This can cause nutritional issues.

What types of Avocado can my hamster eat?

As we have already stated, there’s plenty of different types of avocado and plenty of things that it can be made into! This may change the answer of ‘Can Hamsters Eat Avocado’ depending on the type. So let’s take a look!

Can Hamsters Eat Avocado Seeds?

Hamsters cannot eat avocado seeds, this is because of how big they are! They could chip their teeth biting into it, and this is dangerous for them! Stick to the seed!

Can Hamsters Have Avocado Oil?

Hamsters cannot drink avocado oil. It is very fattening and cannot have any oils at all unfortunately.

Can Hamsters Eat Guacamole?

Sadly, there so many additions within guacamole other than avocado. Avocado is only a base for the sauce, and there’s so many other things in it! It contains additionally salt, and products that contain acidity. It therefore cannot be seen as healthy for your hamster. If you’re making it yourself, then you could give them a small amount. However, you need to make sure that it only contains avocados. Give them 1/4 of a teaspoons.

Conclusion – Can Hamsters Eat Avocado?

In conclusion, ‘Can Hamsters Eat Avocado?’ Yes! As long as you feed it in moderation. We have gone over what avocado is, how to prepare it for your hamster, and how much to feed them. We have also looked at the benefits, and risks of doing so! Hamsters cannot eat avocado seeds, or avocado oil. However, they can eat mashed avocado but you should not feed them guacamole! Enjoy feeding this delicious fruit to your furry friend!

Have you fed avocado to your hamster before? How did it go? Let us know in the comments.

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