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Carrots are an essential part of everyone’s pantry; this often leads people to ask “Can hamsters eat carrots”? The answer is yes, they can! Carrots contain a large amount of vitamins and can be a delicious part of your hamsters diet! This article will be looking at the quantity of carrots that you can feed your hamster, health benefits of carrots, as well as the risks. It will end by looking at the types of carrots that you can feed your hamster!

What are Carrots?

Carrots are a delicious veggie that we all have in our pantry! They are a root vegetable that is seen as highly nutritious and a good source of many of the vitamins and nutrients that we need in our diet. They are grown all over the world, you might even be able to grow some in your garden!

Can Hamsters Eat Carrots?
A lovely hamster!

Can Hamsters Eat Carrots?

As stated before, hamsters can absolutely eat Carrots! They are a delicious snack and your hamster will thank you for it! They are safe for your hamster as long as you feed them a certain quantity and don’t go above that quantity! Carrots can improve your hamster’s diet and therefore help to improve your hamster’s lifespan. Syrian, robo, and dwarf hamsters can all eat carrots!

How to give your hamster Carrots

When you are giving treats, such as carrots, to your hamster, always make sure you are holding them or make sure that you are close to them. This is because giving treats to your hamster can strengthen your bond and assist in socializing them. Only give a small amount to your hamster at first, this is to figure out if they like carrots. There’s no point giving your hamster a lot of carrots if they just ignore them!

Make sure that you wash the carrot beforehand. This gets rid of any of the chemicals that may have been on the carrot to protect it whilst it was growing. Pesticides can hurt your hamster’s health. Make sure to chop up the carrot into small pieces as well! This prevents there from being a choking risk.

Consider feeding this delicious orange vegetable to your hamster as part of a daily diet including treats like applecabbage and banana!

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How many Carrots should you feed your hamster?

The amount of carrots that you feed your hamster depends on the breed. Syrian hamsters can eat more carrots , due to being the largest breed, whilst Robos and Dwarfs cannot have as many. Giving your hamster too many carrots can lead to a whole host of problems which we discuss later in the article! 

How many Carrots should a Syrian hamster eat?

So, can Syrian Hamsters eat carrots? Yes! How many can they eat though? Give your Syrian Hamster around 2 inches of carrot every other day. This is enough for them to feel the health benefits and to enjoy the carrot, but not enough so that they are eating too much!

How many Carrots should a Roborovski hamster eat?

Can Roborovski hamsters eat carrots? Yes! Give your Robo hamster around an inch of carrot every other day. Robo hamsters can’t have as much carrot as Syrian hamsters due to their size. This size is perfect for them!

How many Carrots should a Dwarf hamster eat?

Dwarf hamsters, including Chinese, Campbell and Russian hamsters, are much smaller than the average hamster. This often leads to people asking if dwarf hamsters can eat carrot, as they often cannot eat the same things that other hamsters can. They do need a smaller amount of carrot, around an inch of carrot every week. This small amount is due to the size and proneness to diabetes that Dwarf hamsters have.

Can Hamsters Eat Carrots?
A cute hamster enjoying a tiny carrot!

Benefits of Carrots

Carrots are known as a superfood and therefore have plenty of benefits that can be seen in your hamster as well, providing they are fed carrots in the right quantities.

  • Carrots contain antioxidants. These provide protection against the effects of aging, such as cancer
  • Carrots contain lots of dietary fibers. These help your hamster’s digestive system
  • Carrots are rich in Vitamin A. This gives your hamster good vision and helps their growth!
  • Carrots are low in calories. These can decrease your hamster’s calorie intake
  • Carrots contain Vitamin K1. This promotes bone health in humans and hamsters!

Risks of Carrots

Although carrots contain a lot of benefical vitamins. They can also carry risks if you feed your hamster too many. This is normal with any hamster treat, there can be too much of a bad thing!

  • Carrots can be a choking hazard unless chopped down to size.
  • Carrots can contain a lot of sugar. Sugar can hurt hamsters and increase their risk of diabetes
  • Hoarded carrots can go moldy and expose your hamster to unsafe bacteria

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What parts of the carrot can hamsters eat?

So we know that hamsters can eat carrots, but what part of the carrot can they eat and what types of carrot can they eat?

Can hamsters eat Raw Carrots?

Yes, they can! We actually recommend giving your hamster carrots raw. This is because carrots are crunchier when they raw which means that your hamster will be able to gnaw on them. This improves the health of their teeth!

Can Hamsters eat the tops of carrots?

We don’t really know exactly if they can, however from my personal experience they can without known issues! We don’t recommend feeding them carrot tops though, just because of the lack of actual scientific data on this issue.

Can hamsters eat carrot peel?

Carrot peel is fine for hamsters! Carrot peel contains a lot of the nutrients that exist in the flesh of carrots which means that it can be a tasty snack for your hamster! It’s also a great idea because we don’t eat the carrot peel, this means that more of the carrot ends up being used!

Can hamsters eat baby carrots?

Yes! Hamsters can eat baby carrots. Baby carrots have the exact same benefits and risks as normal carrots which means that you are free to give your hamster the same quantity.

Hamsters prefer real carrots! But they love these as well!

Conclusion – Can hamsters eat Carrots?

Hamsters can eat carrots and they will thank you for giving them carrots! They can be a delicious snack for your hamster and they will rarely turn down the opportunity for one. Syrian, dwarf and Robo hamsters can all eat carrots but in different quantities. Carrots contain plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals that are bound to improve your hamsters help. Remember to cut them down to size and stick to the quantities in this article though. Carrots do contain sugar which puts your hamster at risk of diabeties!

Have you fed your hamster carrots before? What’s their favourite snack? Let us know in the comments!