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We love our hamsters, and they love us too! This love means that we have to ensure that our furry friends stay healthy, and a huge part of that is finding out what kind of food they can eat. This research has to be done, or you could end up feeding your hamster something that it is toxic or unhealthy for them. With that in mind, can hamsters eat Cheetos? No. This food is only meant for humans, and your hamster should not eat it!

This article will go over what cheetos are, the reasons why hamsters cannot eat them, and suggestions for what they can eat instead! Enjoy!

What are Cheetos

Cheetos are a delicious cheesy snack that is sold all over the world! They are the top-selling brand of cheese puffs in the USA, and there are 21 types in North America alone! Different countries have different flavours of Cheeto, such as strawberry in Japan and Savory American Cream in China! They were invented in 1948 in Texas, and have become vastly popular ever since. They are produced by blending corn and water. They are delicious, but your pet cannot eat them!

Can Hamsters Eat Cheetos?

As stated before, they sadly cannot. Cheetos can be very dangerous for your hamster, if fed in large amounts, but Cheetos fed in small amounts don’t offer any benefits to your hamster. These snacks do not contain the nutrients that hamsters need, and they take up space in your hamster’s stomach that could be filled with much nicer food for them!

Why can’t hamsters eat Cheetos?

So, we know that hamsters cannot eat this cheesy snack, but why? There are four main reasons for this: they aren’t made for hamsters, they are too salty, the lack of nutrition, and the fact that they are very fattening. These four reasons mean that your hamster cannot eat Cheetos, read below for more information!

They are not meant for hamsters!

Cheetos, obviously, are not meant for hamsters! They are made for humans to eat, which means that the tests for their safety are suitable for humans only. The chemicals, and other additions, to this product, can be harmful to your furry friend; even if we can eat them! This means that you should stay away from Cheetos as a treat, and focus on natural treats that are provably safe for your hamster.

They are too salty!

28g of Cheetos contain 250mg of salt, this is a huge amount for your furry friend! Humans can digest and process salt, which means that this amount of salt is safe for us to eat. However, hamsters don’t have this digestive capacity. This means that salt can be extremely dangerous for your furry friend, if you feed them any. Therefore, keep Cheetos away from your pet!!

There’s no nutrition!

Hamsters need a diet that is high in nutrition, nutrition that helps to replicate their living conditions in the wild. Cheetos don’t contain much nutrition at all, they are meant as a snack! This means that your hamster should really avoid them as it will fill them up with food that doesn’t benefit their health. Nutritional problems in hamsters can lead to a lower lifespan and the likeliness of developing serious illnesses.

They are very fattening!

Cheetos contain a lot of fat! They contain around 10g of fat per 28g serving, which is a huge amount! Fat can cause your hamster to become obese, and this can lower its overall lifespan. An obese hamster won’t have a happy life, and will often die early because of this condition. Keep your hamster away from this cheese snack.

There’s so many better alternatives

Hamsters can only eat so much, and Cheetos can take up space that could be taken up by delicious snacks in your hamster stomach! Instead of Cheetos, feed your hamster some of the treats that we suggest below. This will help their health improve.

What should hamsters eat instead?

Hamsters cannot eat Cheetos, but they will still enjoy some lovely treats that you can give them! Natural foods are best for hamsters, as artificial foods were mostly made for humans and therefore their safety with hamsters has not been tested. Some delicious treats that you can give your furry friend include:

  • Pistachios – A delicious nut that your hamster is sure to enjoy!
  • Walnuts – These underground nuts can provide lots of nutrients for your pet.
  • Cilantro – A more exotic treat for your furry friend!
  • Sunflower Seeds – A classic hamster treats, they are cheap and delicious!
  • Pecans – Nutritious and tasty snack for your pet.

What if your hamster eats Cheetos?

You may have come to this page after your hamster has eaten some of this snack, and need to know what to do next. First things first, don’t panic. A small amount of this food is unlikely to hurt your hamster. Watch your hamster over the next few days, and ensure that their water is completely filled up. If your hamster shows symptoms such as:

  • Lethargy
  • Breathing problems
  • Diarrhea

Then you should take them to the vet immediately and explain the situation, you won’t be judged at all. Your vet may proscribe antibiotics or other medication for your furry friend. This should help them with their problems.


In this article, we have discussed if hamsters can eat Cheetos, and discovered that they cannot! Cheetos are not healthy for your hamster, and can cause all kinds of long-term problems if they are fed too many. Cheetos are too fatty, salty, lack nutrients, and aren’t meant for hamster consumption! Give your hamster some walnuts, or sunflower seeds, instead! If your hamster eats some Cheeto, don’t panic, and look for symptoms before taking them to a vet.

What would you recommend instead of Cheetos? Let us know in the comments!

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