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Hamsters are fantastic pets. They are friendly, cute, and a joy to look after! Looking after a hamster means that you have many responsibilities, and you need to ensure that you are able to fulfill them! One of the responsibilities is to ensure that your hamster eats the right food. With that in mind, can hamsters eat garlic? Sadly not. Garlic is toxic for hamsters, and you should not give your hamster any.

This article will go over why hamsters cannot eat garlic, and will finish by looking at some alternatives that your hamster can eat. Enjoy!

What is Garlic?

Garlic is a plant that is closely related to onions. It is native to Asia, and is grown all over the world! Most notably in China, which produces 80% of the world’s supply. It is easy to grow, meaning that you can even grow it yourself! Studies have shown that it could prevent cancer, and is helpful in treating the common cold! Garlic is often used in various regional foods, and is commonly used to flavour oils. It is popular all over the world, which is why you know about it!

Can Hamsters Eat Garlic?

As stated before, they, unfortunately, cannot. Garlic can be dangerous for your hamster, even if you think you are feeding it correctly. It is well-known in the hamster community to cause problems, and you should therefore not give it to your pet. It is already known to be toxic to dogs. But don’t worry, there are alternatives. We will go into this later in the article.

Why Can’t Hamsters Eat Garlic?

There are four main reasons why your hamster should not eat garlic. The four main reasons are: the toxicity, the lack of nutrients, the bitter taste, and the opposition of the hamster community. We will now go into more details on this!

It’s toxic for them!

Unfortunately, garlic is simply too toxic for your furry friend. Your hamster’s digestive system is extremely fragile, and strong substances like garlic can cause serious disruption to it. You should stick to treats that are inoffensive to your hamster’s stomach, due to its weakness.

It doesn’t have many nutrients!

Garlic has lots of benefits for humans, but hamsters are unlikely to appreciate the health benefits. No real studies have been done into the benefits of garlic for hamsters, and the nutrients are lacking compared to other alternatives.

They are unlikely to enjoy it!

Garlic has a very strong smell and taste. This means that your hamster is unlikely to eat it if you put it in the cage. This means that the garlic may quickly become mouldy and this can cause health problems for your hamster if it stays in the cage. Furthermore, the strong smell may make your hamster feel uncomfortable as they use scent markings to show their territory.

It is recommended that hamsters shouldn’t have it.

It is the consensus in the hamster community that hamsters should not eat garlic. This is because of the reasons above, and the personal experiences that other members of the hamster world have experienced. One of the best ways to find out if hamsters should eat a certain food, is to figure out what everyone else is doing. Join hamster groups on platforms like Facebook and ask!

Can Hamsters Eat Garlic Bread?

Sadly not. Hamsters can eat bread, but the key problem here is the garlic that is present in garlic bread. As we have stated, it is toxic to your hamster. Keep the garlic bread to yourself, and feed your hamster a healthy treat instead!

Healthy Alternatives to Garlic.

The good news is that there are plenty of fantastic healthy alternatives to garlic. Hamsters love fruit and vegetables, as well as seeds! These can all be great treats to give in moderation to your furry friend. Some examples include:

  • Sunflower seeds! A classic snack for your hamster, they will love these snacks!
  • Broccoli! This green vegetable is healthy and delicious for your pet.
  • Cucumber! Fed in moderation, this can be very healthy for hamsters.

What if your hamster eats a small amount of garlic?

For most substances, it is fine if your hamster accidentally eats a small amount. The main problems usually come from constant exposure to the food. However, you should be extra careful with garlic. It is very toxic, and if your hamster eats a large amount you should consider calling the vet for a second opinion. Monitor your hamster and watch for signs of:

  • LethargyWhere your hamster doesn’t seem to move or is reluctant to.
  • Breathing problemsYou can tell if your hamster has breathing problems by listening for clicking noises as they breathe.
  • Diarrhea A common symptom of something being wrong for your hamster.

If your hamster starts to experience these symptoms, take them to a vet immediately.

Conclusion – Can Hamsters Eat Garlic?

In conclusion, can hamsters eat garlic? No, they cannot. You should make sure that you avoid this substance entirely when it comes to thinking of potential snacks for your furry friend. You can’t even give them garlic bread. Why? It is toxic, not nutritious, and they are unlikely to enjoy it. Consider giving your hamster healthy treats instead! If your hamster has eaten some garlic, consider getting a second opinion from a vet and look out for symptoms.

What would you recommend as an alternative hamster snack? Let us know in the comments!

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