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We love ice-cream, especially in these hot summer months! Ice-cream helps us stay cool and tastes good as well! What a delicious treat for a human to eat, however can hamsters eat ice cream? We love it, but can they eat it? The answer is sadly no, they can’t. Ice-cream can be dangerous for our furry friends to eat and it can cause unfortunate health consequences. This means that you should stay away from ice-cream if you want to keep your pet safe.

In this article, we’ll be going through what ice cream is and why hamsters can’t eat it. The main reasons are: It’s too cold, it isn’t nutritious, it has too much sugar and it is hard for them to eat it. We’ll then finally look at alternatives that you can give your furry friends! Read on to find out more!

What is Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a delicious food that we love! It’s made from cream and milk and is eaten all over the world! It’s produced all over the world as well, you can even make it at home. You can have vanilla, chocolate and so many different flavours of icecream. It’s usually eaten with some form of topping, such as a sweet sauce. The Italians are known to have the most delicious form of ice-cream. It’s such a shame that hamsters cannot eat any of it.

Why Can’t Hamsters Eat Ice Cream?

There’s unfortunately plenty of reasons why hamsters cannot eat ice-cream. We will be going through all of them in this article. Please remember that this only means that you can’t feed your hamster ice-cream on purpose. If your hamster has just licked a bit of ice-cream accidentally from you, then they should be fine. What we mean is that you shouldn’t make feeding them icecream a habit!

It’s too cold!

As the name suggests, ice-cream is extremely cold! It has to be below 0C in order to maintain its strength, and that isn’t good for a hamster. Hamsters often find it hard to regulate their own temperature, which means that any dramatic drops in body temperature can cause them serious problems. This obviously can happen with ice-cream as cold food can rapidly lower their body temperature and result in all kinds of problems. Warm ice-cream wouldn’t cause this problem, but who wants to eat warm ice-cream!

It doesn’t have a lot of nutrients!

Ice-cream isn’t really known for having a nutriential balance. True, it may have calcium, but this isn’t enough considering how much it will fill up your hamster. Feeding icecream as a treat to your furry friend will fill them up and mean that they don’t have enough room for anything which is nutritious. This in turn can lower their lifespan by making them more susceptible to disease. You need to stay away from the icecream and stick to the greens, your hamster will love them all the same!

It has too much sugar and fat!

So we know that ice-cream doesn’t have much of a nutritional balance, but it gets worse! Icecream also has sugar and fat which can seriously hurt your hamster. Sugar can cause diabetes in hamsters, this is due to how weak their body is and how much sugar impacts their body. We can handle the amount of sugar in icecream but that’s because of our size and the ability of our digestive system to fight off problems. Fat can also cause problems for your hamster by making them obese. These two reasons are why hamsters really cannot eat icecream!

It’s hard to eat!

Hamsters are not a massive fan of eating the food that they are given. They love to pouch it up and save it for later. You might have already figured out that this can be a bit of a problem when it comes to ice cream. It can easily melt in their poach and this could cause problems for them later on in life. You should therefore avoid feeding ice-cream to your furry friend.

Alternatives to Ice Cream

So, what alternatives can there be to ice-cream. For this we are mainly going to look at dairy products, as these are the most similar things to ice-cream!


Cheese is a dairy food which hamsters can absolutely eat. Check out our article on cheese here!


Yogurt is another dairy food which is actually very similar to ice-cream. Check out our article on yogurt here!

Lots of Greens

Greens are the best thing to give your hamster. This is stuff like broccoli and carrots. These are healthy and have lots of nutrients!

Conclusion – Can Hamsters eat Ice Cream?

So in conclusion, can hamsters eat ice cream? Sadly not. Why? It’s too cold, devoid of nutrients, contains lots of sugar and fat and it is too hard to eat. Feeding this to your hamster could cause serious health problems for them sadly. Cheese, yogurt, and lots of greens can be a fantastic substitute for your pet.

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