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We love our hamsters, and our hamsters definitely love us! If we love our hamsters, however, we need to make sure that we feed them the correct types of food. If we don’t, then we are risking their health and their happiness! We need to repay our hamster’s trust in us by feeding them the correct foods. So, can hamsters eat lemons? The answer is no. They cannot. This is due to many reasons, which we will get into in this article.

This post will get into why we can’t feed our hamsters, and some alternatives that we can give them instead! Enjoy!

What Are Lemons?

Lemons are delicious citrusy fruits that grow all over the world! They grow on trees and taste absolutely delicious, no wonder we ask if our hamsters can eat them! Lemons can be used in so many things, including juices, sauces, cakes, and by themselves as garnishes. This means that lemons are often something that we always have around the house!

Why Can’t Hamsters Eat Lemons?

There’s quite a few reasons why hamsters cannot eat lemons. This is because they can be quite dangerous for our pets. The four reasons for them being so dangerous is: they are too acidic, they contain too much sugar, they are a citrus fruit, and the amount of water that they contain. Read on for more!

They are too acidic!

Probably the main reason why we can’t feed lemons to our furry friends is that they are way too acidic! We all know this, lemons are extremely sour if we bite into them! Lemon juice as well can be extremely sour for us to drink. The high acidity is caused by the large amount of citric acid, which can cause hamsters to have digestive and stomach problems.

Way too much sugar!

Another reason why hamsters cannot have lemons is because of the amount of sugar. It has 2.5g per 100g, which is way too much for our furry friends to cope with. Unfortunately, this can result in obesity and diabetes if our hamsters have too much.

They are a citrus fruit!

Lemons are a citrus fruit, this unfortunately means that hamsters are unable to eat it. Just like with oranges as well. Citrus fruits can cause digestive issues and other health problems in our beloved furry friends. So they should be avoided!

There’s too much water in lemons!

As you might be able to tell when you are juicing them, lemons have a lot of water inside of them! Diarrhea can be problematic for your hamster, and is usually caused by a large amount of water flooding your hamster’s digestive system. This can be a problem with lemons, as they contain a lot of water.

Alternatives to Lemons?

There’s some great alternatives to lemons, that can be fantastic for your hamster! Try out some of the following:

  • Cabbage – This green vegetable can be great for your furry friend in small amounts!
  • Carrots – We all have them around the house, and it is packed with vitamin D!
  • Apples – This fruit is just as sweet as lemons, but hamsters can eat them!
  • Coconut – Try it out, your hamster might love it!

What to do if your hamster has eaten lemons

If your hamster has eaten a small amount of lemon, then it might not be a problem. Your hamster should be able to survive a small amount. However, a large amount can cause some issues for your furry friend. If your pet has eaten lemon and is displaying the symptoms below then take them to the vet and explain the situation:

  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Distress
  • Discoloured urine/poo


So, in conclusion, can hamsters eat lemons? No. They can’t. This is for many different reasons. They are too acidic, they have too much sugar, the fact that they are a citrus fruit, and the amount of water inside of them! These reasons mean that our furry friends simply cannot digest these properly, and therefore they are likely to cause serious issues if they are fed too much.

What alternatives do you have to lemons? Let us know in the comments!

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