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We love our hamsters, and our hamsters love us! Taking care of our hamsters gives us plenty of responsibilities. We have to clean them out, give them lots of love and attention and, of course, feed them! But sometimes we want to give them treats as well, these treats can often come from foods that we eat around the house. So, can hamsters eat mango? Absolutely! You just need to make sure that it is fed in the correct amounts.

This article will look at hamsters eating mango, and will tell you how to feed it to them. We will also look at the benefits and risks, as well as the different types of mango that you can feed your furry friend. Enjoy!

What is Mango?

Mango is a delicious fruit that grows on tropical trees in Asia! They are commonly found in green and yellow colours and have been grown for thousands of years! India and China produce the most mangos. Mangos are sweet and therefore are used in chutneys, drinks, ice cream, smoothies, and milkshakes! It is a truly versatile fruit! Many people have this fruit in their house, no wonder that people want to know the answer to this question!

Can Hamsters Eat Mango?

As we have stated, absolutely! All hamsters can eat mango, but you need to ensure that you have the right amount to give to them! There’s a lot of sugar in this delicious fruit, so you need to be careful! Take these actions to make the mango safe:

  • Wash it – To remove germs and pesticides!
  • Keep it plain – With no sauces, or juices!
  • Keep it unsweetened: Mango is already very sweet!
  • Avoid giving them the stone!

If you take these actions, then your hamster should be able to enjoy mango with no serious health problems!

How to give your Hamster Mango?

When you are giving treats, such as mango, to your hamster, always make sure you are holding them or make sure that you are close to them. This is because giving treats to your hamster can strengthen your bond and assist in socializing them. Only give a small amount to your hamster at first, this is to figure out if they like this fruit. There’s no point giving your hamster a lot of it if they just ignore it! Your hamster might put the food in their cheek poaches though.

Make sure that you wash the mango before giving it to your hamster! This removes any worries about pesticides or other nasties hurting your pet!

Consider feeding mango to your hamster as part of a diet including treats like pumpkin seedscabbage, and carrots! These kind of things are great for your pet, as long as you make sure that you feed them in the correct amounts.

How much Mango should you feed your hamster?

Hamsters can eat mango, but you need to make sure that you feed them the right amount! The amount that they can eat really does depend on the breed of hamster. Syrians are the largest and can eat the most whilst Robos and Dwarfs can only have a very small amount, this helps protect them against the risks of eating too much!

How much Mango should a Syrian Hamster eat?

Syrians are big hamsters, they are actually the largest breed of hamster! So they can eat the most. Give them an ear sized piece of mango every week. This may not seem like a lot, but a large amount of mango can hurt your pet!

How much Mango should a Roborovski hamster eat?

Robos are smaller than Syrians so they can only eat a smaller amount of Mango. Give them a small paw sized piece of mango each week. They will gain all of the benefits whilst avoiding the risks of overfeeding!

How much Mango should a Dwarf hamster eat?

Dwarf hamsters, including Chinese, Campbell, and Russian hamsters, are smaller than the average hamster, which means that they can’t eat a lot of the food that we humans can eat! Feed them a tiny ear piece of mango every week! This is only a small amount, but it is enough for them!

Benefits of Mango

We know that hamsters can eat manga, but what benefits are there to this? We want to improve their health, so ensuring that they eat the right foods is very important! Mango has lots of benefits for humans, so the same applies for hamsters! Some of the benefits of feeding your hamster a responsible amount of mango includes:

  • Antioxidants – This benefit your hamster by protecting them against the effects of old age
  • Vitamin A – This benefits your hamster’s immune system!
  • Vitamin K – This benefits your hamster’s blood clotting ability and allows their wounds to heal!
  • Vitamin B – This vitamin helps your blood cells and improves your hamster’s health!
  • Vitamin E – This helps your hamster maintain healthy eyes and skin.

Risks of Mango

So hamsters can eat mango, but they can’t eat too much! There’s therefore some risks to them eating too much mango. Some of these includes can include:

  • Obesity – Mango has a lot of sugar in it. This can lead to them becoming fat which can lead to further health complications in the future.
  • Diabetes – The large amount of sugar in mangos means that it can result in diabetes. This will lead to complications that can lower your hamster’s lifespan.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies – If your hamster eats too much mango, they can gain nutreitional deficiencies as they won’t be eating their usual hamster food. This is why you need to be careful
  • Digestive Issues – Mango has a lot of acidic content which can result in them having stomach problems. They also shouldn’t eat the stone.

What parts of the Mango can my hamster eat?

As shown before, there’s so many different types of mango! Let’s look at the different types, and if your lovely hamster can eat it!

Can Hamsters Drink Mango Juice?

Hamster’s shouldn’t drink any type of juice! It’s delicious but it doesn’t benefit your pet because of the lack of nutrients within it!

Can Hamsters Eat Dried Mango?

You should avoid giving dried mango to your hamster. It can be sticky and often contains even more added sugar.

Can Hamsters Eat Mango Pie?

No! Stick to normal mango.

Can Hamsters Eat Mango Ice Cream?

No! It is too sweet for your furry friend unfortunately.

Conclusion – Can Hamsters Eat Mango?

In conclusion; hamsters can eat mango but you need to ensure that they are fed the right amounts. Large amounts of mango can hurt your hamster’s health and cause problems for them in the longterm. You need to be careful! Although there’s a lot of benefits to Mango, you need to beware of the risks if you feed them too much! Stay away from dried mango, mango juice, mango icecream, and mango pie! Stick to normal mango!

Have you fed mango to your hamster before? Let us know in the comments!

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