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Meat is something that we will probably eat every day! There are so many different types of meat that we have in the house: chicken, pork, lamb and so much more! We eat it so much, so it is natural to ask if our lovely furry friends can have it too! The topic of this article is if hamsters can eat pork! We love our hamsters very much and therefore we need to know if we can feed them delicious foods such as pork! Unfortunately, they can’t! There are five main reasons for this, which this article will be going into. We will also be looking at the question ‘Can Hamsters Eat Bacon’ and the answer to that.

This articles will be discussing what pork is and why hamsters are unable to eat it. We will also give you pork alternatives that you can feed your hamster instead of pork!

What is Pork?

Pork is a delicious type of meat which comes from pigs. There is evidence that pigs were raised for meat from 5000BC which means that for thousands of years, we have been eating pork! It is mostly eaten in the EU and China, sometimes the entire pig is put on a spit and eaten! It is red meat, which is the primary problem with your furry friends eating it. It can be fried, roasted, steamed, deep-fried and grilled!

Can Hamsters eat Pork?

As stated before, they, unfortunately, cannot eat pork! It’s just something that can cause them issues if they eat it, there are no real scientific studies on this. So we are going off personal experiences and what we know about the nutrition that is inside pork.

Why can’t Hamsters eat Pork?

So, we know that they can’t. But why? There are five main reasons for this: it’s too fatty, they shouldn’t eat red meat, it can be a source of illness, it’s too salty, and the anecdotal experiences of other people in the past! This means that you really shouldn’t be giving this red meat to your furry friend. Check below for the detailed reasons why this food is bad for your pet!

It’s too fatty!

One of the key reasons why hamsters cannot eat pork is because it is simply too fatty for them. You have to be really careful when it comes to the fat intake of your furry friend. If they have too much fat then they can quickly become obese and develop other health conditions. This is because their body is extremely sensitive to changes in diet, they are only tiny little creatures. This is especially the case for dwarf hamsters, you’ve seen how small they are!

They shouldn’t eat red meat!

Most hamster experts warn that you should not feed your hamster red meat. It has been linked with heart problems, cancer and diabetes. Diabetes is something that hamsters can be extremely susceptible to, most people think that it is just sugar that causes it but that’s wrong! Red meat can cause serious problems, including diabetes, for your hamster which can lower their lifespan.

It can be a source of illness

Pork has been known to cause trichinosis if cooked incorrectly. This is mostly a mild illness if humans get it, but it can cause serious issues for your furry friend if they were to catch it. It can be hard to cook pork properly sometimes and this means that your hamster could face serious problems if you accidentally feed them pork that is under-cooked. Trichinosis can cause diarrhoea, pain, fever, chills and headaches. These are all symptoms that your hamster could get, and it could pose a serious risk to their health.

Many people have had problems in the past

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that shows that pork can cause issues for our little friends. Hamster hideout shows that many people have had a bad experience in the past with this red meat and that we shouldn’t feed it to our hamsters. There aren’t many scientific studies on the every food that a hamster could eat, so anecdotal accounts can be very valuable.

It’s too salty

The final reason why pork is unsuitable for your hamster is that most cuts of pork are too salty. The pork you get from the supermarket is likely to be cured with salt, which can be dangerous for your pet. Hamsters cannot eat the same amount of salt as us, they really cannot tolerate it well! They can have a rapid increase in blood pressure, heart issues and other health problems that can hurt their lifespan. This is another reason why we recommend staying away from pork.

What about bacon?

We have already answered the question of ‘can hamsters eat pork?’ but what about bacon? Bacon is a type of pork that comes from a different part of the pig. It is salty, and very tasty! Unfortunately, hamsters cannot eat bacon either. This is for three reasons:

  • It’s too salty!
  • There’s not a lot of nutrition!
  • It’s full of fat!

For these three reasons, your hamster simply cannot eat bacon!

Pork Alternatives

So, what meats can hamsters eat? It’s a good question! Hamsters are omnivores after all and this means that it is possible to give them a bit of meat every now and then. So let’s look at the alternatives!


Chicken is probably the best replacement to pork. It is similar and we all have it around! Check out our article on chicken here!


Hamsters can eat fish as a great replacement to pork. It is healthy and doesn’t have all of the salt and fat that red meat has! Check out our article on fish here!


Hamsters can eat Shrimp! Make sure you only give your hamster a small amount though, we will be writing an article in the future about this! In the meantime, just make sure you stick to the same quantities as with chicken.


So, we now know that hamsters cannot eat pork. This is due to five main reasons: it is too fatty, it is too salty, red meat can be dangerous, it is a source of illness and the anecdotal evidence of many people. Sadly, this is an excellent set of reasons why you shouldn’t be giving your furry friend this red meat. We have given you some alternatives though! Chicken, fish and shrimp can be fantastic alternatives to pork, they are just as tasty!

What replacements do you use instead of pork? Let us know in the comments!

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