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Potato chips, known sometimes as crisps, are a delicious snack that lots of people eat all over the world! Naturally, this means that people are going to ask if their furry friends can eat them as well! The sad news is that hamsters can absolutely not eat potato chips. You need to make sure that you don’t give this snack to your hamster, as it can seriously damage their lifespan and cause them to develop multiple health issues.

This article will be dealing with the reasons why you can’t feed your hamster potato chips, along with some interesting alternatives that will make your hamster super happy! Read on for more!

What are Potato Chips?

Potato chips are a wonderful potato snack that is mass-produced and consumed all over the world! They were invented in the 19th century and since then have come in so many flavors such as salted, salt and vinegar, bacon, and so much more! There are many different ways of producing these potato chips, but the primary way is through deep-frying! This is actually one of the reasons why your furry friends can’t eat them.

There’s plenty of types of potato chips. People ask ‘can hamsters eat pringles?’ for instance. The answer is the same, hamsters cannot eat pringles.

Why can’t Hamsters eat Potato Chips?

As stated before, hamsters absolutely cannot eat potato chips. There’s five main reasons for this: they are too salty, they don’t have many nutrients, the flavourings are dangerous, they are very filling, and that they have a lot of saturated fat. We will go through these reasons in more detail now!

They are too salty!

Probably the most important reason why hamsters can’t eat potato chips is that they are way too salty! They may not seem very salty for us, but even a tiny amount of salt can be dangerous for our fragile hamster’s digestive system. An increased amount of salt in your hamster’s system can lead to dehydration, high blood pressure, and various problems with their heart. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your hamster away from these crisps.

They don’t have many nutrients!

Potato chips are not the most nutritious snack out there, most of us know this! They are very unhealthy and this is especially the case for hamsters! Our furry friend’s digestive system is very fragile, and therefore they need nutritious snacks to get them through the day! Crisps are full of fat, carbs, and salt. This is not the kind of nutrients that they need.

The flavourings can be dangerous!

As stated before, potato chips have so many different flavorings! These flavorings, whilst delicious for us, can be very dangerous for our furry friends! Hamsters should only have natural goods, as foods that have been deemed safe for humans may not be safe for animals! Therefore, you should keep your hamster away from potato chips.

They are very filling!

Potato chips are a carbohydrate. These types of food can be extremely filling for people, even if they only eat a little bit! This means that they often won’t have enough space for other treats or food. Hamsters need a balanced diet that only their hamster food can provide, so if they don’t have room for it, it can cause some serious nutritional issues that can cause health problems.

It has a lot of saturated fat!

One of the key problems with crisps is that they have a lot of saturated fat. This can be a serious problem for your hamster as their bodies and digestive system is extremely weak. High levels of saturated fat in your hamster’s diet can result in obesity and heart disease. Crisps are fine for humans as our bodies can handle this level of fat, however, the hamster’s body is not that strong. This is another reason why you should stay away from crisps.

What alternatives are there to Potato Chips?

There’s plenty of alternatives that you can give your furry friend instead of potato chips! These can be just as delicious and will provide your hamster will lots of benefits that they are sure to enjoy! We will give three alternatives: carrots, roast potatoes, and apples!


Carrots are a snack that can provide the same *crunch* to your hamster’s diet as crisps can, but they are much more healthy for them! They are filled with essential nutrients and your furry friend is sure to like them! Check out our guide on carrots here.


Potato chips are, unsurprisingly, made out of potato! Therefore it can be an excellent idea to give your hamster a bit of plain potato. this doesn’t have the same negatives of potato chips and can be delicious for your hamster! Check out our guide on potatoes here.


It is actually possible to make crisps out of apples, you should try it! Here’s a clear recipe on how to do this. Apples are delicious for your hamster and provides lots of benefits for them, therefore giving them this is a great idea. Check out our guide on apples here.

Conclusion – Can Hamsters Eat Potato Chips?

As you can see, hamsters simply cannot eat potato chips. It can be a serious danger for their health if you do let them eat potato chips, so you should stay away from them. They are too salty, have too much fat, and can cause problems for the long-term health of your furry friend. But there are alternatives that you can feed your hamster instead! Try out carrots, potatoes, and apples!

What alternatives do you have to potato chips? Let us know in the comments!

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