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Raisins are a delicious snack, one that I had quite often when I was a child! This leads people to wonder if their hamsters can eat raisins too. This is a logical question; if raisins are so delicious for humans then why can’t hamsters have them? Hamsters can eat raisins, however, we recommend that you only give them to Syrian and Robo Hamsters. This is because of the high sugar content and stickiness.

What are Raisins?

Raisins are a form of dried grape that is often given to kids as a healthy snack. They are eaten by a whole host of other people though and they can be used to make alcohol as well! Raisins are produced in various Western countries, as well as in Asia. They are a delicious snack which is why people ask if hamsters can eat raisins!

Can Hamsters Eat Raisins?

So, can hamsters eat raisins? As stated before, they absolutely can! Raisins can be a tasty snack for your hamster but you need to manage how many are given to them. We don’t recommend giving your dwarf hamster any raisins due to the stickiness and the high sugar content. Hamsters will disagree with this article, they will want as many raisins as you can give them! Raisins have a strong smell and your hamster will be interested; you need to show resilience though!

How to give your hamster Raisins

When you are giving treats, such as raisins, to your hamster, always make sure you are holding them or make sure that you are close to them. This is because giving treats to your hamster can strengthen your bond and assist in socializing them. Only give a small amount to your hamster at first, this is to figure out if they like raisins. There’s no point wasting your food if your hamster just turns their nose up at it. Hamsters are unlikely to turn their nose up at the sight of a raisin though, the high sugar content and strong smell will attract them!

Always wash raisins in water before you give it to your hamster. Unlike normal hamster food, raisins are not specifically meant for hamsters and it therefore may have things on the surface which could damage your hamster. Pesticides that are often found on produce can hurt your hamster.

Always check your hamster’s cage the day after you give your hamster raisins. Hoarding food can result in food rotting which can be dangerous for your hamster’s health. Remove any uneaten raisins from the cage.

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How many raisins should you feed your hamster?

The amount of raisins that you feed your hamster depends on the breed. Syrian hamsters are the largest breed and therefore can eat more raisins whilst Robos are much smaller. Once again, we don’t recommend giving any raisins to your Dwarf hamsters!

How many raisins should a Syrian hamster eat

Syrians are the largest breed of hamsters and therefore can generally eat more treats than other hamsters. We recommend giving a maximum of one raisin a day to your Syrian hamster. Please remember that you should only give one sugary treat at a time. The aim is to reduce the amount of sugar in your hamster’s diet; if you give your hamster the recommended amount of raisins then the recommended amount of banana then you will be overfeeding them with sugar!

How many raisins should a Roborovski hamster eat

Robos are the second largest breed of hamster; this means that they can eat treats but not as many as a Syrian. We recommend giving a maximum of one raisin every couple of days to your Robo hamster. Remember to follow the precautions that are stated above.

How many raisins should a Dwarf hamster eat

As we have stated, Dwarf hamsters shouldn’t eat any raisins. This is partly due to the stickiness of the raisins but that isn’t all. The high sugar content can be dangerous for them as dwarf hamsters are prone to obesity and diabetes. Seeds can be a much better snack for them!

Benefits of Raisins

Raisins are full of nutrition and therefore can be a delicious and healthy snack for your hamster if they are fed it in the correct quanities!

  • Raisins contain Vitamin A. This protects your hamster’s immune system and helps them grow!
  • Raisins contain Vitamin B. Vitamin B helps to maintain cell health which improves your hamster’s overall health!
  • Raisins contain iron. Iron helps your hamster’s blood and allows your hamster to clot easier!
  • Raisins contain potassium. Potassium assists your hamster’s kidneys, muscles, and digestive system!
  • Raisins contain antioxidants. Antioxidants protect against the dangers that come with aging such as cancer

Risks of Raisins

Raisins have a lot of benefits but they can also be risky for your hamster if fed in incorrect quantities., Some vets state that raisins are okay to give to your hamster whilst some say that you should stay away from raisins. The vet I talked to stated that raisins can be given to hamsters but you must be aware of some of the risks, which include:

  • Raisins have a lot of sugar in them. High sugar intake can result in your hamster developing diabetes and becoming obese
  • Too many raisins can damage your hamster’s kidneys. Keep raisins to a minimum.

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Conclusion – Can hamsters eat Raisins?

So in conclusion, can hamsters eat Raisins? Yes! But in small amounts. Syrians and Robos can eat raisins whilst we recommend that Dwarf hamsters are not allowed any raisins due to the high sugar content. Raisins have a lot of benefits but too many can damage their kidneys. This is why we recommend that you stick to our quantity guidelines. The high sugar content in raisins will mean that your hamster will inevitably love them; make sure that you resist their charms and only give as many as we say!

Have you given your hamster raisins before? Did they enjoy them? Let us know in the comments!