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Hamsters are not very picky animals! They will often eat most of the things that we gave them due to their evolutionary nature; their wild counterparts would need to save a lot of food to get through the winter! But the real question is, can they actually eat the treats that we give them? For instance, can hamsters eat yogurt? They will happily take apples from our hands but is it good for them? The good news is that, yes, hamsters can eat yogurt! Dwarf hamsters should only have a tiny amount but it is possible to give some yogurt to them.

This article will be looking at this question more deeply and will look at the benefits and risks of feeding this delicious food to your pets. It will also look at the quantity in which you should give your hamster yogurt and what types of yogurt they can eat!

What is yogurt?

Yogurt is a delicious dairy food which is made from milk! It contains a lot of vitamins and bacteria that is extremely beneficial for humans, no wonder so many people eat it! There are many types of yogurt including greek and Icelandic yogurt which all have different flavours. No wonder people are asking if hamsters can eat yogurt!

Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt?

As stated before, they absolutely can! Hamsters can eat a small amount of yogurt but you need to make sure that it is only a small amount! There’s plenty of benefits to yogurt but there’s also plenty of risks as well! You need to make sure that you stick to this guide in order to protect your little one’s health.

How to feed yogurt to hamsters

When you are giving treats, such as this food, to your hamster, always make sure you are holding them or make sure that you are close to them. This is because giving treats to your hamster can strengthen your bond and assist in socializing them. Only give a small amount to your hamster at first, this is to figure out if they like yogurt. There’s no point giving your hamster a lot of it if they just ignore it!

For yogurt, consider putting the yogurt on your finger and letting them lick it from your hand. Don’t put it in the cage as yogurt can go off quickly and produce a nasty smell which could harm your pet. If you don’t trust your pet to not bite your finger then you can wear gloves to ensure that you are safe. Place your pet on your hand and let them lick at the yogurt!

Consider feeding yogurt to your hamster as part of a diet including treats like pumpkin seedscabbage and carrots! Lots of fruit and vegetables are great for your ham!

How much yogurt should you feed your hamster

The amount of yogurt that you should feed your pet really does depend on their breed. Syrians can eat more than Robos and Robos can eat more than Dwarf Hamsters. Check out our guide below on this!

How much yogurt can a Syrian Hamster eat?

Syrians are the largest of the hamster breeds that are domesticated. This means that they can have the most yogurt! If yogurt is the sole treat you are giving them then give them a teaspoon a week. If you are giving them yogurt and other treats then only give them half a teaspoon a week. This is to protect their health!

How much Yogurt can a Robo Hamster eat?

Robos are smaller than Syrians and therefore can’t have as much yogurt. Give them a teaspoon every other week, we highly recommend feeding them other treats alongside this! It means that they can have a varied diet.

How much Yogurt can a Dwarf Hamster eat?

Dwarf Hamsters, including Campbell Dwarf’s, Chinese Hamsters and Winter White Russian Hamsters, can only have a small amount of yogurt! This is because of their size which means that their digestive system is very weak. Give them a quarter of a teaspoon every other week. This may not seem like a lot but it is for their health.

Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt has plenty of benefits for human and hamster alike! It is seen as a food that has lots of health benefits. This means that it can provide a decent amount of nutrition for your hamster. Yogurt contains benefits such as:

  • Probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that can improve your pet’s digestive system and stomach.
  • Protein. Protein benefits your pet’s muscles and overall health.
  • Calcium. Calcium can benefit your hamster’s bones and teeth, ensuring that they stay strong!
  • Vitamin B. This vitamin allows your hamster to grow and stay active. It is vital for them!
  • Potassium. This helps regulate your hamster’s blood pressure.

Risks of Yogurt

There’s quite a few risks of Yogurt if you feed too much to your hamster. These are only real risks if you feed your hamster too much, just a bit of yogurt is fine in moderation! Some of the risks include:

  • Yogurt can cause bloating due to the high amount of bacteria.
  • Yogurt has a moderate amount of sugar. This can lead to obesity and diabetes if too much yogurt is fed to your pet
  • Yogurt can go off quickly which can hurt your hamster if they consume it.
  • A hamster’s digestive system cannot cope with too much yogurt. Too much yogurt will lead to your hamster having diarrhoea.

What types of Yogurt can hamsters eat?

As we know, there’s plenty of different types of yogurt! This means that we can be asking if hamsters can eat different types of it. What kinds can hamsters eat? Let’s find out!

Can Hamsters eat Flavoured Yogurt?

There’s plenty of flavoured yogurt on the market. So can they eat yogurt such as strawberry yogurt? Sadly not. This type of yogurt has lots of added sugars and flavourings that makes it completely unsuitable for our furry friends. Stick to regular yogurt.

Can Hamsters eat Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt should be fine for your pet, just stick to the quantities that we have already discussed and make sure that it is plain. Icelandic yogurt is also fine, as long as it is plain!

Can Hamsters eat Yogurt Drops?

Yogurt drops are a popular hamster treat that is sold by pet stores. They can eat them but make sure to stick to the quantities recommended on the packet. Don’t feed your hamster both drops and normal yogurt as this would exceed the quantities that they should have!

Conclusion – Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt?

So, can hamsters eat yogurt? Yep! Absolutely! It is a delicious food that all hamsters can enjoy, as long as it is fed in small amounts. Let them lick it off your finger and stick to the quantities that we recommend. Yogurt is full of probiotics and protein but it also has a bit of sugar in it so be curious. Hamsters cannot eat flavoured yogurt, such as strawberry yogurt, but they can absolutely eat greek, icelandic and yogurt drops!

Have you fed your pet yogurt before? Did they like it? Let us know in the comments!

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