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The death of our beloved hamsters is an incredible sad occasion for all of us. I remember when my first hamster died in 2018, just after the England V Sweden world cup game. It was a hugely sad event for everyone in the family. The death of a family pet, such as a hamster, often leads people to ask “Do hamsters go to heaven”? For the religious among us, this can be a huge question and a question that can bring us some comfort. I noticed that other pet blogs don’t discuss the question but it something that I know a lot of hamster owners have thought about.

This article will be taking you through the beliefs of different religions and the position of that religion on hamsters in heaven. So lets look at if hamsters go to heaven when they die.

Do hamsters go to heaven in Christianity

There is a huge amount of debate in Christianity as to if pets, go to heaven. There is obviously no concrete evidence one way or the other on this issue. Some Christian authors believe that pets cannot go to heaven as heaven is only a place for humans.

However, the core belief in Christianity is that God can do anything and that heaven is a place of wonder where you will find true happiness. Therefore, it stands to reason that God could recreate your hamster in heaven for you, if it would bring you greater happiness. The book of Psalms states that “No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly”.

We must remember that in the Garden of Eden which is heaven on earth, the garden was full of animals which will have included hamsters! Therefore it could stand to reason that hamsters will be in heaven. If you are Catholic, you can take solace in the fact that Pope Francis stated that animals could go to heaven and that “Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.” Other priests have also given support to this idea.

So, do hamsters go to heaven? In Christianity, it could be said that hamsters do go to heaven. God is willing to recreate anything that will bring you joy and happiness. You can therefore hold hope that your hamster will be waiting for you in hamster, running around freely with you!

Do hamsters go to heaven in Islam

Just like Christianity, there is some debate in Islam as to if hamsters go to heaven. Again, there is no concrete evidence one way or the other on this issue.

Some Muslim authors believe that pets cannot go to heaven as heaven is a place for humans only. This means that the only animals that would be in heaven would be in the form of food such as chicken or pork. However there is some solace for Muslims on the question of “do hamsters go to heaven” due to the Quran showing how much the Prophet Muhammad loved animals, specifically his cat. The Quran has a story where the Prophet Muhammad cut off the sleeve of his robe when his cat fell asleep on it, this was to avoid waking up the cat. This shows that Islam clearly shows love towards animals, such as hamsters.

Therefore, there is still a chance that pets can go to heaven in Islam. God is seen as the most powerful being alive, therefore it is possible that you will see your hamster again.

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Do hamsters go to heaven in Judaism

There is not as much debate in Judaism. Rabbit Scott White stated that “God reserves a blessed existence for the truly virtuous” and that this may come with our pets. This is a good sign but there is not much scriptural evidence one way or the other.

Other spiritualist theories

Many spiritual religions, such as Native American religions, believe that hamsters do go to heaven! Heaven is defined a lot differently here but the overall belief is that our pets will be on the same spiritual plane as us once we die. This means that you and your hamster could be reunited! Therefore, in many spiritualist theories, hamsters do go to heaven.

Religions such as Buddhism that believe in reincarnation state that humans can reincarnate into animals, this includes hamsters! Remember that when you are looking after your hamster!


We all love our hamsters very much and we want the best for them in their lives. It is normal to think about your pets morality but you must remember to give them the best that they can have in this life as well. The average hamster lifespan may be short, but you can bring lots of lovely memories in your time together. Who knows, maybe you and your hamster will meet again.

What does your religion say about the question “Do hamsters go to heaven”, let us know in the comment section. I’m extremely interested to find out!