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Many pets, such as dogs and cats, enjoy belly rubs. Which leads people to ask “do hamsters like belly rubs”. This is a good question. Hamsters do like belly rubs, but only if they trust you enough to allow you to put them on their stomach. This article will be looking at when you can give your hamster a belly rub and will give you a great guide on how to give a hamster a belly rub. It will end by giving you other places that you can stroke! Read on for the hamster belly rubs guide!

Do hamsters like belly rubs

So, hamsters do like belly rubs. But there are certain situations where your hamster may not want to be given belly rubs. We will go through some of these situations in this article.

Your hamster is not comfortable with you yet

One of the reasons why your hamster may not like belly rubs is that they are not comfortable with you yet. The hamster’s belly is the most sensitive part and therefore your hamster may squirm if you try to turn them over. Don’t force your hamster to turn over as they may bite you and become frightened of you. Read further on to discover how to build trust with your hamster.

Your hamster could be ill

If your hamster trusts you but is not letting you turn them over, they could be ill. Check for telltale signs of hamster illness such as:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Sneezing
  • Unkempt coat
  • Sores
  • Swelling

If your hamster shows these symptoms then take them to a vet as illnesses can be extremely dangerous for hamsters and can shorten their lifespan considerably.

Your hamster may simply not like belly rubs

Hamsters do like belly rubs but hamsters are unique animals and many of them have different likes and dislikes. Your hamster may be fit and well, they may love you to bits, but some will still not let you turn them over. Syrian hamsters are more likely to accept belly rubs as they are the most friendly breed of hamsters but smaller breeds such as dwarf hamsters may be less likely to accept them. Don’t be offended by your hamster’s reluctance, they still love you no matter what!

How to give your hamster belly rubs

So, hamsters do like belly rubs, but how do you give them belly rubs. Read on to find out the exact technique to giving your hamster bellyrubs

Make sure your hamster feels comfortable

Stroke your hamsters side and head before trying to give your hamster a bellyrub. This can give you an indication if your hamster is okay with having a bellyrub. Not doing this may result in your hamster lashing out and panicking as you may not have built up the right level of trust with them yet. Read further on in this article to find out how to build more trust with your hamster.

Slowly turn your hamster onto its back

Do not do anything sudden or your hamster may panic. Slowly move your hamster onto its bed in the palm of your hand. If you hamster starts to panic or feels uncomfortable then stop immediately as you can damage trust between yourself and your hamster. If your hamster is consenting then move your hamster fully on its back; try to rest your hamsters head around the bottom of your fingers.

Give your hamster a belly rub!

If you hamster is feeling comfortable then you should be able to start giving them a belly rub. Slowly and softly move your finger in circles around the hamsters stomach. Don’t push too hard or go too fast as this is a sensitive area for your hamster. If your hamster starts to resist then allow them to flip over.

Give them a treat

Finally, try to give your hamster a treat to reward them for allowing you to flip them onto your back. Giving your hamster a treat will positively reinforce the belly rubs and may allow you to do it again in the future.

How to build trust with your hamster

The best way to build trust with your hamster so that they may consent to belly rubs is to take them out and play with them. Hamsters can be very trusting if their owner has constantly taken them out and played with them and therefore may be more willing to accept belly rubs. Here’s 5 top tips for building trust with your hamster!

  • Take them out often, at least once a day. This will allow them to recognise your scent
  • Talk to your hamster. Hamsters use their ears a lot more than their eyes. Talking will help them recognise you
  • Hand-feed your hamster. This may not be practical for giving your hamsters their daily food but feed your hamsters treats by hand. This will give them positive feelings towards you
  • Don’t wake up your hamster. Allow your hamster to come to you naturally and don’t startle them
  • Place your hamster cage in a high-traffic area. This means that your hamster will constantly see you.

Check out more tips for building trust with your hamster in our hamster socialisation guide!

Where should you touch your hamster

The belly is not the best place to touch your hamster, especially when you have just bought them! Hamsters do like belly rubs but you may want to build trust by touching them in other areas first. Some of the best places to touch your hamster include:


The back is the best place to stroke your hamster. It is a place where your hamster will feel comfortable with you touching as it is their safest area.


Stroking your hamsters side is another great area to stroke your hamster. This area of the hamster is another safe point for your hamster and can build up trust ready to give your hamster bellyrubs


Stroking your hamster’s head is another good idea, although it requires the same level of trust as stroking your hamsters belly. Holding your hamster and stroking their head can relax them enough to allow them to fall asleep in your hand! This requires a lot of trust between yourself and the hamster though

Check out Vanillahamham’s video to give you a good idea on how to touch your hamster!

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Conclusion – Do hamsters like bellyrubs?

So, in conclusion, do hamsters like bellyrubs? Yes! In certain conditions, and with a lot of trust, hamsters can enjoy bellyrubs. Make sure to build up trust with your hamster first though as a lot of trust is required between yourself and the hamster for your hamster to allow you to stroke their belly.

Have you given your hamster a bellyrub before! Tell us your technique in the comments!