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We love music, and we love our hamsters! But do hamsters like music? This is the question that this post will be trying to look at today. You might be playing music near your hamster, and wondering if it will effect them, or you could be looking for the perfect track to relax your hamster! The unfortunate news is that, despite music working on some other animals, hamsters don’t really show any interest towards music at all. However, there’s no ill effects from playing a tune for them!

We’ll be looking at hamster music myths, and why you shouldn’t play loud music around your hamster. Enjoy!

Do Animals Like Music?

We know that some animals do like music! However, this may not apply to hamsters. Music can influence the behaviour of certain animals and can even make them more relaxed. Some examples include


Surprisingly, cows actually like music! They produce more milk when they are listening to classical music. They also enjoy country and folk-rock music. Cows love any slow paced music that makes them relax!


Dogs enjoy human music as well. They prefer classical music, but hate heavy metal! Scientific studies have shown that music can help dogs welfare and may even make them bark less. Play some classical music to your dog and see what they think!


Whilst cats do not really understand human music, scientists have made music which appeals to cats! This music includes purring and other sounds that cats quite frequently make. The study showed that cats were likely to purr and react favourably towards music as it played.

Do Hamsters Like Music?

As stated before, hamsters do not really understand music. they are quite simple animals and hear sounds at a much higher frequency to us. However, this does not mean that music is harmful to your hamster. If this is played quietly there is absolutely no harm to them. You may find hamster music videos on websites like YouTube; these just offer placebo effects and do not cause your hamsters to feel anything.

Do Hamsters Like Classical Music?

If there is music that hamsters likes, it would almost certainly be classical music. Classical music is liked by quite a lot of animals such as dogs and cows. However, again, this does not mean that they the music will cause any positive effects. But there is no harm in trying! Every hamster is different, and yours may buck the trend.

What volume should music be played around your hamster?

Whilst music, at a normal level, will not hurt your hamster, there can be some serious dangers caused by loud music being played around your hamster. Whilst we can easily tune out loud noises and we may perhaps not be affected by them; hamsters are very sensitive to noises as they are a prey animal. Loud noises could cause your hamsters to go into a trance where they are too frightened to move, and it will cause them to feel distressed.

Generally, if the music is too loud for you, then it is too loud for your hamster. If your hamster is in the room then you should avoid music being that played loudly, especially if it is aggressive music such as rock or heavy metal. We love our hamsters, and we do not want to startle them!

Some sources of noise that could distress your hamster include:

The Television

You may have a television in the hamster room, this is especially likely if your hamster cages in your bedroom. This means that you must be careful when it comes to the volume of the television. If you are just watching a programme such as a music show, or talk show, there may not be many problems. However, if you are watching a programme with gunshots or loud noises then you should turn it down to avoid stressing out your hamster.


Your hamster may not be your only pet! You may have lots of furry friends walking around your house. However, the noise of these animals could distress your hamster. We go into this later, but you should put your hamster cage in a place where no other animal can access it. Your hamster is likely to be distressed by noises caused by animals such as dogs and cats, and you should try and keep your hamster away from them.

People shouting

You should especially be careful if you are having a loud conversation, or even shouting, in the vicinity of your hamster cage. You do not want your hamster to associate your voice with something that is distressing! This could cause them to be nervous around you and may make them less tame in your presence. Always use a normal voice around your hamster cage, and when you are talking to your hamster try and use a soft voice to keep them calm.

What Sounds Do Hamsters Like?

We know that hamsters are not affected by music in general, but what about certain noises? The noises that hamsters like depends on what they associate with them. Hamsters may come to associate a noise such as footsteps coming up the stairs as a negative sign that they are going to acquire negative attention. This means they may hide. However, if they hear their food bag rustling or if they heard the tell-tale sign of a treat, then they may get excited.

It really does depend on what they associate with the sound whether they will like it or not. However, hamsters are unlikely to like sounds such as barking, meowing, or other sounds associated with animals. This is because, as we said earlier in the article, hamsters are prey animals. They always scared of being hunted and will not like the sound of another animal.

So, hamsters may like certain sounds, it just depends on if they associate nice things with that sound.

Conclusion – Do Hamsters LIke Music?

In conclusion, do hamsters like music? Not really, but that does not mean that they hate it. Hamsters are quite ambivalent to music and will only dislike it if it is played at a loud enough volume. Despite rumours, there is no evidence that hamsters like classical music either. However, we do know that they may like certain sounds. A treat bag making a noise is likely to make your hamster quite excited as they associate it with food! Just make sure to keep your hamster away from loud sources of noise such as the television as these could cause long term harms to your furry friend.

Do you play music around your hamster? Do they like it? Let us know in the comments.

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