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Cleaning your hamster’s cage may not be the most enjoyable part of owning a pet, but it is essential to maintaining your hamster’s health and happiness. However, many people who may have a hamster for the first time often ask how to clean a hamster cage. This article will take you through the facts as to how often you should clean a hamster cage, how to easily clean it and other ways to make the experience as quick as possible.

How often should you clean a cage?

You should be cleaning out your hamster’s cage around every week. This may differ depending on the size of your cage, if your cage is exceptionally big then you may be able to keep longer intervals between cleaning.

In addition to the weekly cleaning process, every few days you should ensure that you go around your cage and picking up any prominent amounts of droppings. Hamsters are very clean animals are often go to the toilet in the same location which should make it easier for you to clean them out.

Try to be regular with your cleaning schedules. Cleaning too often or not enough can be stressful for your pet. Attempt to clean them out when they are awake, waking up a hamster and then placing them in a foreign location is likely to stress them out. Stress can lead to illnesses such as wet-tail and must be avoided.

Items required for a cage cleaning

Before you clean your hamster’s cage, there’s a few supplies that you need in order to make sure that the clean is as soon as possible:

  • Wash cloths. Use these for cleaning the cage, if you don’t have these then paper towels that are wet can work
  • Bedding. You need new bedding to replace the old soiled bedding. You can use kitchen roll and toilet paper for this.
  • Disinfectant. Don’t use bleach or anything as strong as bleach as it can harm the pet. Get a pet disinfectant from your local pet store

Make sure that your hamster’s cage is in the right place by checking out our guide on cage location

How to clean your hamster’s cage

So, you have all of the items that you need to clean your hamsters cage. The following text will show you how to clean a hamsters cage.

Remove your hamster

The first thing you must do before cleaning out the cage is to put your pet in a safe space! A travel cage or a hamster-proof area is ideal and will give your hamster chance to run around and exercise whilst you clean out their cage. Make sure that you keep an eye on your hamster whilst you are cleaning though. If you are using an exercise ball to keep your hamster secure, make sure they aren’t in the ball for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Remove everything from the cage

Lift up the top of your cage and remove all of the objects from the cage. This includes bedding, housing, food bowls and various toys. Bin most of the bedding. The RSPCA recommend that put a little of the used bedding into the cage to keep the hamster’s scent. Make sure to also take out and clean your running wheel. This will make your cleaning easier.

Finally, make sure you take out all of the sawdust or other floor bases that you have put in the cage and prepare to replace it.

Start cleaning the cage

Wash every single object in the cage including: toys, water bowls and food bowls. Ensure that everything is fresh and especially ensure that stains such as droppings are not present on any of the objects that you take out. Disinfect the cage items by spraying them with the disinfectant.

Begin to scrub the actual cage clean as well. Clean the inside of the cage walls and remove anything that may have been stuck to it.

After you have cleaned the cage, dry it with a towel and replace the sawdust and the bedding. Begin to put all the items back. Consider changing the location of some of the items to keep variety. Replace the food and water in their bowls and add them back to the cage as well.

Returning the hamster

Take your hamster from their safe space and place them back into the cage. They may be stressed at this point so leave them alone for a few hours as they begin to rebuild their home. Take some time to watch your pet as they cleverly move their food around and build up their bed.

How to clean hamster toys

Your pet will interact with their toys regularly and this means that it is important that they get the same cleaning treatment as the cage. Submerge the toys in warm water for around 5 to 10 minutes and then wipe them with a cloth. The exercise wheel should undergo this same treatment. This all ensures that your hamster stays safe and healthy. You can do this whilst you are cleaning the cage so that everything is ready to go back in the cage when you are done.

How to spot-clean

Spot cleaning the cage is something that you should be aspiring to do regularly. This involves going into the cage and cleaning the dirtiest areas to ensure that the cage stays clean for longer. Hamsters often go to the toilet in the same areas so it should be easily to pinpoint this location and deal with it. Make sure you add more bedding through the week and take out fresh food that has been left by the hamster. Fresh food can go mouldy fast and this can be a danger for your hamster.


We hope this article has answered the question of how to clean a hamster’s cage. Cleaning your hamsters cage can be hard work but the results, a happy and healthy hamster, are extremely rewarding.

Do you have any special tricks on how to clean your hamster’s cage? Let us know in the comments section?