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Hamster cages are vital for your hamster. After all, you need a place to put them! Hamster cages must be perfect for your hamster, as it will be their home. You need to ensure that the dimensions are correct and that the cage is suitable for your hamster’s breed. You must also make sure that your hamster isn’t able to escape from it, and that they are able to burrow. Overall, there are so many factors that need to be in your decision. We recommend the Savic Hamster Heaven Cage, and we will detail the reasons below.

This guide will inform you all about the Savic Hamster Heaven Cage, and whether you should buy it. We will address the advantages, disadvantages, and other factors that should be noted. Enjoy!

Hamster Heaven Cage Details

The first thing, when it comes to any cage, is to look at the exact dimensions of the cage. You need to know how big it is, and what items come with the cage. Here are the basic measurements of the Hamster Heaven cage:

  • W: 80cm/34″
  • L: 50cm/20″
  • D: 50cm/20″
  • Weight: 4kg

As you can see, the cage is extremely big! It meets the minimum recommendation that the RSPCA state that hamster cages should be. Hamsters require a lot of space to move around, and to imitate their natural habitat, which means that this cage is perfect for them! What is inside the hamster heaven cage? Look below to find out!

Savic Hamster Heaven Cage Items.
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As you can see, it is full of additional items. It comes with a wheel, toilet, penthouse, tubes, and hiding places for your hamster. This cage is well-made and perfectly suited for your hamster.

What type of hamster is the Hamster Heaven cage suitable for?

Different hamster cages are made for different types of hamsters. This is because every hamster has their own special needs! Hamster cages need to ensure that the bars are the right size, that there is enough burrowing room, and that the hamster has enough space to move around. Read below to find your breed, and if the cage is suitable for your hamster.

Is the Hamster Heaven cage suitable for Syrian Hamsters?

Yes! In fact, the hamster heaven cage was built for Syrian hamsters. It is the correct size for them, and the bars are close enough together to mean that it is impossible for them to escape. Furthermore, the tubes are the correct size for your Syrian hamster to fit through, and the depth of the cage means that it is perfect for them to burrow. We would absolutely recommend this cage for Syrian Hamsters.

Is the Hamster Heaven cage suitable for Robo Hamsters?

We, unfortunately, do not recommend this cage for Robo hamsters. The height of the platforms means that your robo hamster could sustain some damage if they fall from them. Furthermore, the gaps between the bars are too big, and could result in your Robo hamster squeezing through the bars and escaping/

Is the Hamster Heaven cage suitable for Dwarf Hamsters?

We definitely do not recommend this cage for Dwarf Hamsters. They are likely to fall from the platforms and hurt themselves and will escape from this cage with ease. There are many more suitable cages for your Dwarf Hamster.

Savic Hamster Heaven cage.
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Special Features of the Hamster Heaven cage.

The Hamster Heaven cage has plenty of special features, which should encourage you to buy it! We will be looking at three main features: the penthouse, the size, and the ease of access that you have to the cage.

The Penthouse!

Clearly, the most notable feature of this cage is the penthouse on the top! This is connected to the cage through the top door, and your hamster can access it through the tubes on the top of the cage! The tubes give your hamster a place to feel safe, and helps them gain access to the penthouse! My hamster has used the penthouse to store food, and some might move their bedding up there and sleep! There’s no other cage with this feature, so it is super cool!

The Size!

As stated before, this cage is pretty big. In fact, it is one of the biggest cages that you can get! It is vital that your hamster gets the biggest cage possible. It assists their welfare by making them less stressed and happier! This cage has a big base as well, which means that your hamster should be able to burrow to their heart’s content! Whatsmore, the platforms gives additional space for your hamster to explore!

The ease of access!

The great thing about this cage is the absolute ease of access that you have to your hamster at all times. The front is a big door that can be easily unlocked, and this gives you full coverage of the cage to be able to get to your hamster. Furthermore, the ease of access to cleaning the cage is easy! There are just two latches on the side that you remove, which allows you to take off the top of the cage. For cleaning, and for playing, this cage is perfect for your hamster!

Hamster Heaven Cage
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Advantages of the Hamster Heaven cage.

As you can probably tell already, there’s plenty of advantages to this savic hamster heaven cage. We have already gone through some of the special features, but the best part about the hamster heaven cage is that it is great even without the penthouse and other features. This is the cage that my current hamster has, and I cannot help but recommend it as much as possible!

It is the perfect size for Syrian Hamsters!

This is one of the bigger sized cages that you will find. Many hamster cages are not sufficient for your hamster, and will stress them out and lower their lifespan. But this cage fits the minimum requirement for your hamster, whilst being able to fit into your room. The depth of the cage is perfect as well, it allows your hamster to burrow if you add the correct amount of bedding! The floor space allows you to add lots of treats and toys for your hamster as well!

It comes with space for tubes!

There’s plenty of space for you to add your own complex tube setups in this cage. There are two ports for you to connect your tubes to, and you can buy more tubes if you want more space! In the end, you can connect the tubes to the penthouse so your hamster has a good place to turn around! Putting in more tubes will give your hamster even more freedom to explore, and will make your room super interesting!

Plenty of places for your pet to hide!

Hamsters need places to hide, it is simply part of their nature! This cage contains two little houses built into the enclosure that allows them to cover their back and feel protected. It also contains plenty of place for you to put hideouts of your own, as well as the deep base which allows them to burrow to safety! The tubes will also give them a good place to hide. Your hamster will feel safe and secure in this cage!

A deep base!

As stated before, this cage has an extremely deep base. One of the key problems with many cages is that they have a shallow base, this shallow base means that your hamster cannot do the natural burrowing that they are used to in the wild. This can distress them, as it gives them less places to hide. If you fill up the base properly, your hamster should be able to build tunnels and even sleep there. This can be great fun to watch, and gives recreation to your hamster.

It comes with everything you need!

As we have shown, there are so many things that come with this cage! It comes with a water bottle, food bowl, wheel, tubes, toilet, sand, penthouse, and two hideouts! This is fantastic as it allows you to give a home to your hamster whilst you are searching for other things to put into the cage. The food bowls fit into the cage perfectly, which gives your hamster more space to run around. Overall, the fact that this cage comes with everything you need is a great reason to buy it!

Hamster Heaven Cage by Savic.
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Disadvantages of the Hamster Heaven cage.

Whilst there’s many advantages to the hamster heaven cage, and we fully recommend it, we obviously have to mention some of the disadvantages of the cage. These are from the many user reviews, and also my personal experience using the cage with my hamster.

The wheel isn’t big enough.

The wheel is big enough if you have a baby Syrian, as they are smaller, but larger Syrians could have their back arched by running on this wheel constantly. This can cause back problems in the future. We recommend buying a Kaytee Silent Spinner wheel for this cage, as it is large enough and will fit perfectly in the cage.

The water bottle can leak.

Some reviews state that the water bottle sometimes leaks. However, this is a rare possibility and seems to only be reported by a few people. If it does leak, there are replacements at many pet stores that only cost a small amount.

Savic Hamster Heaven Cage.
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How to clean the Hamster Heaven cage.

One of the great things about the Savic Hamster Heaven cage is that it is so easy to clean. All you have to do is put your hamster into a safe place, remove the two latches from the sides of the cage and lift the top off! Then you can easily remove the platforms, and toys, and clean the cage! Many cages have tiny areas that you cannot get to, in order to clean it, but this cage allows you to clean every part of it! Remember to clean the tubes as well, hamsters often pee in the tubes so you need to make sure that it is cleaned up.

Is the Hamster Heaven cage well-liked?

The Hamster Heaven cage is well-known for being a fantastic cage in the hamster community. Hamster forums, and amazon reviews, show that it is a cage that you should seriously consider. 60% of Amazon reviews are 5 stars, with a further 20% being 4 stars. This is a fantastic result for a hamster cage and shows that the hamster community trusts it for their hamster.

In my personal experience, the cage is also well-liked in the hamster community in general. It is seen as one of the top cages to buy, as it meets the minimum requirements for any hamster cage. We seriously recommend this cage to anyone!

Where to find the Hamster Heaven cage?

You can find the Hamster Heaven cage in most pet stores, as well as on Amazon! We recommend buying this cage from Amazon. It provides fantastic customer service, and you can quickly add more hamster items into the basket to be included in the same delivery. Check it out on Amazon here!

Click on the image to check out the Hamster Heaven cage on Amazon!

What can you put in the Hamster Heaven cage?

The size of the Hamster Heaven cage means that you can put so much stuff in it. The floor size means that you can go crazy with inventive ideas for your hamster, and the platforms mean that you can hang down treats for them to eat! We recommend putting in:

  • Treats – natural and shopbought.
  • Toys – Chew toys will be loved by your hamster.
  • Hideouts – As said before, these are vital for your pet.
  • Hanging treats – Watch your hamster hang from the treats to eat them!

There are many more things that you could put in the Savic Hamster Heaven cage, but these are just a few suggestions! You can check out our guide for essential hamster cage items here.


In this article, we hope that we have given you an excellent idea on whether you should buy the Savic Hamster Heaven Cage. This review has looked at the basic facts of this cage, as well as the positives and negatives. It is a great cage, filled with space for your hamster. However, it should only be used by Syrian hamsters due to the bar gaps and the height of the platforms. It is easy to clean, and has fantastic reviews. We would absolutely recommend this cage to anyone.

Have you had any experiences with this cage? Let us know what you think below!

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