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The colour of your hamster’s pee can be a good indicator of your hamster’s health. Hamster urine, just like human urine, has a certain color which it is meant to be. If your hamster’s pee is a certain color then this could mean that they have certain health problems. So, what color is hamster pee?

Hamster pee is supposed to be white. If your hamster’s urine is any other colour then your hamster may have problems with their diet or their overall health. This article will take you through the different colors that your hamster’s urine can be and what this could mean for your hamster

Why is hamster pee white?

If you were wondering what color hamster pee is, then you are probably wondering why exactly a hamster’s urine is white? The primary reason is the amount of calcium that your hamster has in their body. This interacts in the hamster’s body which results in your hamster pee being white. This is also why hamster pee often stains plastic as calcium can harden extremely quickly!

Different colors of hamster pee

So, we have established that the correct color for your hamster’s urine is white. However, many people have problems with their hamster as their urine can sometimes become a different colour. We will now look at the different colors that your hamster’s urine can become and if this poses a health risk for your hamster.

Hamster has red pee

So we know the answer to the question “what color is hamster pee”. However, what if your hamster’s pee is colored red? If your hamster’s pee is red then you should seek medical attention for your hamster immediately. Your hamster having red pee can mean that they are having a serious health problem as the red color comes from your hamster’s blood. Your hamster could have a urinary tract infection which can be very dangerous for their health, they will need antibiotics in order to fight off the infection

The best way to check if your hamster is peeing blood is to see how it dries. If your hamster’s pee is dark brown when it dries then this is blood and you need to take your hamster to the vets ASAP. However, if you have been feeding your hamster beetroot then it is possible that the red color is just from the beetroot. Remove the beetroot from your hamster’s diet and see if the red urine issue continues.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be an extremely painful experience for your hamster and this is why we recommend treating them ASAP. Other symptoms of a hamster UTI can be:

  • Bleeding around the genitals
  • Discharge from your hamster
  • Lethargy
  • Unwillingness to eat food
  • Poorly groomed coat

If your hamster has these symptoms and is peeing red then you need to see a vet about your hamster. Their life could be in serious danger.

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Hamster has brown pee

So we know the answer to the question “What color is hamster pee”, however, what if your hamster’s pee color is brown? If your hamster’s pee color is brown then you should be careful. Brown hamster pee could indicate the presence of blood in your hamster’s urine, in which case you would need to follow the steps above. Make sure that the pee isn’t actually diarrhoea though! Diarrhoea is a killer for hamsters as it can dehydrate them and kill them, if your hamster does have diarrhoea then take them to the vets.

Brown urine could also indicate problems with your hamster’s liver. This is because liver problems could mean that your hamster is not able to remove some of the waste products that cause the pee to turn brown. If your hamster has brown pee, we recommend checking for other symptoms. If other symptoms are present then you may want to take them to a vet.

Hamster has yellow pee

Yellow pee isn’t a sign of any negative health effects in your hamster. Sometimes hamster pee can change due to the diet that you feed them. As far as we know, your hamster’s pee being yellow isn’t the sign of any obvious health problems that you need to treat.

How to clean hamster pee?

You may find, often, that hamster pee can stain your cage and be extremely hard to remove. We recommend using a cage cleaner over water, as this will completely remove any bacteria from the cage. It will also remove any smells from it, which is useful if you are buying a pre-owned cage for your new hamster! We recommend the Kaytee cage cleaner, as I use it whenever I clean my hamster’s cage!


So, what color is hamster pee? The answer is that hamster pee is usually milky white but this can change based on a variety of conditions. If your hamster’s pee is red then you should seek immediate medical attention as your hamster could be in pain. Brown hamster pee means that you should observe your hamster to see if they show additional symptoms. If your hamster has yellow pee, it might be strange but it is not evidence of any medical condition!

Has your hamster’s pee ever been a strange color? What did you do about it? Let us know in the comments!