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A lot of people ask about what size wheel is needed for their hamster, this is due to the different wheels that are on the marketplace. However different breeds and different sizses of hamsters require different sized wheels. This is in order to ensure that they can get the full use out of the wheel and in order to prevent damage to their backs. We will now explain which wheel is needed for your breed of ham!

What sized hamster wheel does your breed need?

Remember that every breed has its own requirements for wheel size. This is a minimum and it is perfectly fine to get a wheel that is bigger than the recommended size below. With that said, let’s get into it!

What sized hamster wheel does a Syrian Hamster need?

Syrian hamsters are the largest of the hamster breeds and it, therefore, requires a wheel that is bigger than other wheels. The RSPCA recommend that Syrian hamsters are given a wheel with a large diameter in order to prevent injury from occurring. This blog recommends a hamster exercise wheel that is around 8.5″ or larger. This will be large enough to prevent any injury occurring to the hamster. A larger wheel up to around 12″ is also great for your hamster, especially if they are quite big.

Syrian Hamster Wheel
A good example of a Syrian Hamster Wheel

What sized hamster wheel does a Russian Dwarf Hamster need?

Russian Dwarf hamsters are much smaller than Syrian hamsters, but this doesn’t mean that their wheel size requirements drastically go down. There’s no harm in giving your dwarf hamster a big wheel and therefore we recommend a wheel that is around 8″ in size. A smaller wheel, such as a 4.5″ or 5″ wheel may be too small for your hamster and we would therefore recommend that you get a wheel that is larger than 6″ at least.

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What sized hamster wheel does a Robo Hamster need?

Robo hamsters may be small, but that doesn’t mean that you should get a small wheel. Wheels such as 4.5″ silent spinners are not the correct size for a robo hamster. The minimum wheel size that you should be looking at is a 6.5″ sized wheel. Wheelsse above this size would be fine for a Robo hamster as well.

Are wire hamster wheels bad for hamsters?

Wire wheels used to be the norm for hamster cages, but we do not recommend that you purchase a wire wheel for your hamster. Hamsters require a solid surface to put their feet. A wire wheel can catch a hamster’s foot and cause serious injury. Plastic or wooden hamster wheels are the best wheel that you can get for your hamster.

What about flying saucer hamster wheels?

“Flying saucer” hamster wheels have recently been coming onto the market and many people have been buying them for their hamster. Flying saucer wheels are perfectly suitable for hamsters, although they can take up more space in the cage. Your hamster will usually have a preference for either a flying saucer or a wheel. See if you can put both in the cage so that your hamster can make its own mind up!

Check out this hilarious clip of hamsters on a flying saucer!


We hope that we have answered your question and that you now know what size wheel your hamster needs! Remember that this is only a minimum and you can get larger wheels without much of a problem. What wheel do you have? Do you have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments!