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One of the questions that hamster owners often ask themselves is why hamsters run on wheels. A hamster wheel is vital for your new hamster as hamsters like running on the wheels for exercise. So why do hamsters run on wheels? Because: they love to run, to exercise, to simulate the wild and to avoid boredom! Read on for more information on why hamsters love to run on wheels!

Why do hamsters like to run on wheels?

#1. Hamsters love to run!

The first reason why Hamsters need a hamster wheel is that they love running! Hamsters are known to run around 9.6km per hour due to their origins in Middle Eastern deserts. This means that a hamster wheel is necessary for them to be able to simulate this activity! Hamsters without a hamster wheel will not be able to have the same experience. They will therefore often get stressed and unhappy.

#2. To make sure they don’t get fat!

A hamster who is not able to exercise properly is sadly prone to getting fat. A fat hamster can have a greater risk of death and disease. Their lifespan can dramatically decrease! Therefore a hamster wheel is necessary to make sure that they can jog off all those seeds that you are giving them! This form of exercise is irreplaceable and therefore we urge you to avoid fattening up your hamster and to get a hamster wheel!

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#3 To avoid boredom!

Hamsters require a large amount of toys and attention in order to avoid boredom. The hamster cage is the most important tool in preventing your hamster from getting bored. Hamsters can run on their hamster wheel all night, so it is important to get a hamster wheel. This ensures that your hamster doesn’t start to get bored of their cage. Wheels alone can’t satisfy your hamster though, make sure to play with them everyday.

A cute hamster running in their wheel!

#4 To simulate their situation in the wild

The hamster wheel allows a hamster’s brain to simulate the kind of experience that they would have in their native habitat. The wheel may help simulate the featureless desert that hamsters would have to constantly roam through in order to get food. Without a hamster wheel, they may feel lost and therefore may not have the best experience that you can give them! Check out this study which shows that hamsters in the wild still use hamster wheels!


So why do hamsters run on wheels? They do it to simulate their situation in the wild, avoid boredom, for exercise and for entertainment! Have you got any cool facts about hamster wheels?

Does your hamster love its wheel? Let us know in the comments!